My name is Solomon Busaka, my vision is to be the best poultry farmer that will turn the community venture into the same business for it is easy to manage so long as finance is available. The demand for chicken is high forcing traders to import from neighboring counties.


Budget Breakdown (approx)

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Problem Statement

Chicken meat is on high demand and people have little knowledge of how to go about poultry farming. Although most of our local farmers try the project, it has not picked up due to lack of proper training and finance. Most farmers have not discovered the easiest project to venture in. I have surveyed and learned that poultry rearing does not consume much land however Vihiga land is not huge to engage in cash crops or consumer food crops like maize.

The population is too high leaving no space and the small piece of land I have can only be used best on poultry farming. It becomes expensive to buy chicken on current market because of the importation charges from neighboring counties. If the project can be implemented fully, and the community get education from my project, there will be no importation but I will be even be exporting and the price will come down to allow even the poor to afford. I learned about MavenCORE from my friend   and I got interested in their vision of assisting small businessmen and women to achieve their future dreams. With MavenCORE in place, my project will succeed and in return, I will contribute 20% of total interest to assist other MavenCORE families.

Project Details

Poultry farming is the easiest project that I can do. It is simple to manage because it doesn’t occupy much land space. I started the project in January 2019 on Local Chicken but the production is not to the standard due to lack of proper feeds and vaccines. Due to disease outbreak, I am always at a loss because I don’t have enough capital to engage an expert from the ministry of livestock to give proper medication or training in chicken rearing. Another challenge is theft, the project is not secure due to lack of proper housing. I need to have a good poultry shelter, with steel doors to keep the chicken and chicks safe. With MavenCORE in place, I am sure of buying improved breeds, the production will go up, more chicks will be available for sale, and others will grow to adult chicken for egg production and meat consumption. The project sales will target hotels, hospitals, schools and other institutions. I will also engage youth in my business for they will be doing sales for me, and my project will be a training Centre to the community.


  • To produce improved chicks of good quality and breeds.
  • To improve production by hiring qualified veterinary experts when demand arises especially on vaccines.
  • To improve production on chicks that will grow into adult chicken which will in turn produce more eggs and chicken meat for market demand.


  1. Disease outbreak
  2. Lack of Proper vaccines
  3. Lack of finance

Expected Results

  1. The production will increase and sales will be high to meet market demand.
  2. I will have trained my fellow village mates especially the youth and women to apprentice the trade.
  3. Job creation to many who will accept the training.
  4. Poverty will be reduced to a certain degree.


  1. The profit gained from the sales of chicken and eggs will sustain the project.
  2. My monitoring will ensure that the project will continue.
  3. To improve production by engaging qualified personnel on demand
  4. To give proper vaccines and control disease outbreak.

I thank MavenCORE for coming up to rescue me and make my dream come true.

I am happy to join the MavenCORE family. I hope my request for Business Capital will sail through to enable me move forward.

Thank You


  • Richard

    This Project comes in handy as it augurs well with one pillar of the government agenda’s, viz; on FOOD SECURITY maybe apart from encouraging you, i would only wish to underline MANAGEMENT as all this will only be possible (and Much more ) if you approach it from a strict Management Practices. I have General hygiene in mind, Quality feeds and clean Water, a good design for your Chicken House – allowing for fresh air to circulate freely and you will have one foot on success.

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