Do you need money? MavenCORE can give you from $50 to $20,000. We start by marketing your skills or services to potential clients for at least 45 days or more. Depending on how clients interact with your listed service, you can qualify for funding for purposes such as buying equipment or advancing your business idea, innovation, or invention. 

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We Source The Money From Philanthropists

What MavenCORE Considers
unboxing ideas

Whether Your Idea is Practical

Many ideas sound good in paper but when released into the market, the businesses they create fail. If you manage to complete our questionnaire, without gaps, then you idea is practical.

Get business capital from people

Are You A Generous Person?

Many people want to be given free things but they themselves can NEVER give anyone anything. You'll prove you are generous if you invite 10 local business to use the MavenCORE marketing service. Invite someone with a kiosk, salon, hardware, hotel etc for 30-75 days of free marketing.


Whether Your Budget is Ideal

Many people become very extravagant when given free money. We check whether your budget for the project is realistic and not wasteful.

You Can't Help Everyone,
But Everyone Can Help Someone.

What Business Idea Do You Have?

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We announce periodically how much is available and when people can apply. The money is provided as a grant thus Not requiring repayment.

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