Funding Process

MavenCORE providers funding periodically. We announce how much money is available and the deadline to apply – usually within 30 days of the announcement. To get this money, make sure you meet the qualification checklist before each application date is announced.

List Your Service

We choose people to fund from the list of those we are already marketing to clients. List your products or services with us first to be eligible.

Get Notification

We notify all eligible members via email and social media when money is available for application and the purposes you can apply for.

Collect Funding

Fill the application form stating the amount you need and what you need to finance. Wait for the review process which takes up to 21 days.

Funding Program Purpose

This funding program is meant to support people by buying them tools, equipment and provide other resources that improve your service delivery to your clients. It is suitable if you are already offering the service or selling products. That way we help you expand by buying you the equipment you need and also finding customers for you. 

Possible Use Cases

Someone employed buying equipment to side hustle during free time

Someone already operating a small workshop

Someone needing one big equipment (e.g. A tractor)

For a Country to develop, it’s citizenry must rise to the occasion and develop innovative ideas that solve the unique problems faced in the country. It’s the duty of average folk rather than the reserve of a few privileged elite to spur uniform growth – MavenCORE

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