Funding Process

MavenCORE is an avenue for people with business ideas or existing businesses to get capital. The process is funded by philanthropists. 

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First step: Create a MavenCORE crowdfunding account so that you can access various features like the crowdfunding wall where projects are displayed to donors, the wallet for collecting money from donors and our marketing service which helps you reach several donors.

Activate Your Account

Second step: Your new account requires activation before you can post your business project. You need to pay Ksh5,000 to MavenCORE Technologies to activate your accout. After this you can post your project or if you had already posted, it will be published.

Collect Donor Funding

Third step: MavenCORE presents your project to various generous individuals and companies who contribute small portions until your full budget is realized. You will be able to follow in real time the progress of the money your project collects as it comes in until your budget is realized.

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For a Country to develop, it’s citizenry must rise to the occasion and develop innovative ideas that solve the unique problems faced in the country. It’s the duty of average folk rather than the reserve of a few privileged elite to spur uniform growth – MavenCORE

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