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What skills do you have? We have business connections in any field including Online writing, Data entry, Accounting, Academic writing, Technical writing, Videography, Graphic design, etc. We also market experts in construction, agriculture, and any other field. If you need customers, list with us!

We Market Any Business Needing Customers

Advantages of Marketing Here

Works Even for Beginners

Listing here puts you at per with people who have been working for long time because of the aggressive marketing and handy tips we provide.


Direct Connection to Clients

We link you directly to clients so that you can establish a long-term relationship. Your ability to work online in the future is NOT dependent on having a MavenCORE account


Networking & Recommendations

As a member of the MavenCORE community, you will be the first consideration when other members have more work than they can handle.

Build Your Business Name
For Unlimited Client Contacts.

Choose a package based on how many freelance platforms you want to have profiles on. You can start with one and add more over time or go big and have profiles on all of them.

Ksh500 Monthly

You create 1 listing promoting one freelance profile 

Ksh750 Monthly

You create 2 listings promoting two freelance profiles 

Ksh1000 Monthly

You create 3 listings promoting three freelance profiles

Ksh1200 Monthly

You create up to 5 listings promoting 5 freelance profiles. 

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