I’m passionate about teaching with over 15 years experience teaching in high schools. I hope my project will make every subject accessible online.

Budget Breakdown (approx)

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Problem Statement

Ticha wa mtaani academy have been creating unique online courses in mathematics that helps secondary school students undertaking Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (K.C.S.E.). These courses are found in Ticha wa mtaani academy YouTube channel. We have developed a mobile application to deliver these courses in convenient platform. The students are requesting for courses in other subjects like chemistry, physic, biology etc, we are going to train teachers in these subject so as to create courses for our platform.

I am the right person to solve this problem because I have a passion in creating online courses which I have put over four hundred videos on my YouTube channel. I am a mathematics and computer science graduate teacher and over 15 years of experience teaching in high school.

The chances of succeeding in this project are 100% because no other platform offers such a solution. The government banned holiday tuition and the students need more than what they may get in school. Some students miss classes due to school fees, sickness, pregnancies among other reasons and they require lessons missed which they will be able to get from our platform, there are thousands of private who hire private tutors but with our system they will get the courses and book one on one online classes with any subject teacher. The project offers the cheapest rates affordable to everyone. So far, my YouTube channel has over 120000 views and the students are requesting for more.

Project Details

We will need premises to operate and to have our equipment safe. This is will also be used to train teachers and create courses. It will also be used by some teachers to conduct live online classes. To save on cost, we intend to rent a two bedroom residential house at a cost of Ksh 15000.

We will need to buy 10 laptops and graphics tablets for use to create course and conduct online courses. We also need a desktop and a printer for administrative work. We will need to but furniture.

We have contracted an expert who is developing the mobile application for us. Once he is through me and my partner will take over in the operation since we have a good command it the Information and Communication Technology (ICT). After training teachers, we will be hiring them to make courses in their respective subject of specialization.

My project has been running but in a mobile application but YouTube and other social media ie WhatsApp, Facebook etc. it was not on commercial basis. Initially it was out of my love for mathematics and I thought of how I can assist students. For now, since the demand is there we wish to make it big by having a complete online academy.

We need some marketing partly because we have social media platform that are established like Ticha wa Mtaani academy YouTube channel, Ticha wa Mtaa Facebook page, and WhatsApp. However, we will advertise on television to get a wide customer base.


Target customer

My targeted customers are high school students in government schools, private schools and private students. There are over two millions students in the school system in Kenya and out of this number we will take a good share as our customers. Students spend almost four months at home in holidays and this is a good time the parent would use to engage them in studies through our system. YouTube date shows that my courses are also used in other countries and once we integrate international paying mode, we will be operating globally.

Value Delivered

With our system people will benefit greatly. The students will have an online resource centre for references. Those who miss classes due to various reasons mentioned above will have an opportunity to catch up with their colleagues. Parents will save money spent to hire private tutors.

We will reach customers through social media and advertisement. We will acquire them by offering them a very minimal charge for use of the system. We will keep them by creating wonderful courses from best teachers and also remain innovative.

I will define my project as the most unique online academy offering exclusive learning atmosphere.

Revenue generation

We will generate revenue by charging a small fee to students accessing our system. The proposal is to charge the users Ksh 50 per week. This means that a student is able to learn by subscribing with less than Ksh 10 per day which we think is reasonable and affordable. For live online classes, the money charged to the particular student will be shared between the system owners and the teacher teaching.

Cost Structure

The students will be subscribing to the system through mobile money transfer Mpesa, airtel money and others by paying Ksh. 50 before accessing the lessons and revision materials. That will last the user a week using the system. Other payment modes will also be integrated so that international users can pay $ 1 to access the system. Login menu will appear as shown below.  

Our target is to have 25000 students subscribing average of 2 times a month translating to    Ksh. 2,500.000 a month

If we assign Ksh. 500,000 for expense e.g. salaries, taxes, etc, it means we have a projected profit of   Ksh. 1,500,000. In future, the profit will be more as some cost will disappear eg when a course is developed the cost will not occur again.


  • Catherine

    Very creative!

  • Doris

    This idea will be a blessing to our children and their education

  • Philip

    This is a commendable idea and if properly honed it can have a disruptive surprise for this particular sector and there by be a game changer. Keep it up.

  • vincent

    This is the best idea ever will bring change to the society.

  • George

    Good idea by I suggest that created a link in your platform where students can interact with there Teachers

  • Kennedy

    Good work

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