I believe agriculture holds the key to a healthy Kenyan economy by creating jobs and providing the right nutrition.

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Problem Statement

Whenever I am in town and share with many jobless people around, I have come to conclusion that the government big four agenda will change the economy growth at high rate by providing jobs and food security. Agriculture is the main backbone in our country, Kenya due to the good climate and fertile lands.

My great passion in agri-business has led me to Chia, a potential wealth-generating plant which is unexplored in Africa. It is in high demand for its nutrition value and healthy benefits in human body.

Project Details

Chia is an annual herb that grows up to a meter high with purple or white flowers produced in numerous clusters in a spike at the end of each stem. The crop, scientifically known as Salvia hispanica, is in the mint family and is native to Mexico. The word Chia is derived from the Aztec word chian, meaning oily.

Upon maturing, the plant produces tiny black seeds that are rich in proteins, Omega 3 fats and a dozen of other nutrients that include calcium, manganese, and phosphorus. Because of its high nutritional value, the crop is grown commercially in the US, Bolivia, Argentina, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Australia and Mexico for its seeds. Growers in the Ord Valley, Australia, started trialling the crop back in 2005, following research by a Nuffield scholar who was looking for natural solutions to modern diet related diseases.

From those early trials, the region is now the world’s largest producer of Chia, and seeds from the Ord are now used in over 80 commercial products, including breads, cereals, juices and yoghurts.Chia is easy to grow, beautiful to look at, and offers lots of nutritional value. It deserves a place in every garden.

However, Chia farming is relatively new in Kenya with the only documented farmers being found in Nakuru, Meru and Nanyuki. With much research and training, i have decided to major in planting the Chia seeds in Nakuru County Solai region.Chia is a low-maintenance crop that prefers moderately fertile, well-drained soils – light to medium clay or sandy soils. While moisture is necessary for seedling establishment, this crop is highly intolerant of water logging or overly wet soils at the mature stage. It can cope well with acid soils and moderate drought.

For this reason, it is best grown in areas that receive moderate to low rainfall. High temperatures during the harvesting time are necessary to help the crop dry well. An acre of land can yield up to 1000kg and the market price is 1000/= to 2000/= per kg

Kenyans are increasing by becoming sensitive to healthy eating habits. The trend in organic food uptake indicates that more people will be seeing richer & safer diets. This provides a sure market of Chia seeds and seed products within the country. This is a great opportunity not only to individual but also to the community due to job creation and training offered to empower people.

Mavencore has come in time of need whereby the underutilized lands will become productive, create jobs and generate revenue to our country.



  • Kennedy

    Jessi you are a such daring girl, work towards your good times a head.

  • Kennedy

    You will go far with this idea

  • Jessie

    For sure this is A great project which I believe will bring total transformation and open the eyes of many people who are struggling in Nakuru county.

  • Billy

    I’ve never heard of the seed and it’s benefits and from the way you have explained i know have a better understanding of it’s importance in the human body. It’s a nice project

  • vincent

    I know the benefit of this seeds and you starting the project in Solai will enable the local and also other people in our nation will get the seeds with fair price .This is a good project.

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