My main business idea was from a conversation with a Chinese company which introduced the idea and listed to me a number of benefits. This concept is not common to Kenyans and many may not look at it as a potential business. With many technicians disposing mobile phone screens after replacement, I will be able to have an upper hand in bargaining since very few people are in the business of screen separation. I will open a big market and unlock opportunities to create economic impact in lives of many by helping them make an extra coin by selling rather than just throwing to the dust. Many job opportunities shall be created by people now being able to sell these screens to my business.

Budget Breakdown (approx)

We can connect you with the project owner if you would like to fund this project directly

Problem Statement

I trained as an IT expert in both hardware and software. I have worked as a computer tutor in colleges, and also worked with an American NGO called WiRED International in the year 2002 to 2005. I thereafter was hired to head an ICT department at Mbagathi District Hospital in the year 2005. I worked for the hospital until 2013 when my contract was terminated. Since 2013, I have tried to look for employment but all I get is either casual and cannot sustain my family or you are hired to give services for a day or two. Because of the struggle in my family, where I have children going to school and also other dependants whom I look after, I have almost found myself leaving a life full of depts.

In life, there are many teachers that one may come across, but life has taught me the hard way. Because of what I have learned in life, I made up my mind to seek for a lasting solution. I have been looking for an individual or organization that is will to support me raise capital through either loan or funding without collateral. It is not until I came across MavenCore.net that I saw hope and I believe that given the support to raise the capital, I will get immediately into the business of buying and exporting the broken screens to Hong Kong. Many of the people I have socialized with that are jobless will greatly benefit from this venture.

Because of my experiences in the line of business, I was able to realize that many people are struggling to get the market to sell their products. But in my case it is the opposite. My main challenge here is not the market but funds to buy products and send them to Hong Kong where I have a ready market. My main policy is not how much the business is making but how much I save.

My Driving force

Since I left employment sector in 2013, I have not regretted being unemployed despite the fact that there are many challenges. I have been in contracts here and there and also running my small mobile repair shop in Nairobi. It is out of these activities that I am able to save little by little to provide for my family. I have been able to pay secondary school fee for my first born out of the small savings and now he finished two years ago and waiting to join college.

My interest has always been to venture into a more profitable business and it was quite an awesome thing to have met a Chinese company doing an expo at KICC where we discussed and agreed that if I get money, I shall start supplying the screens immediately.

Project Details

Mobile phone industry is one of the fastest growing industries with a great potential to the growth of our economy. This industry has created thousands of jobs to its affiliates like phone repairs, vendors of phone accessories and phones.

My main problem has been finding capital to kick-start this business. I just need capital support from an organization with a vision of better and economically empowered citizens like MavenCore.net in order to start buying and exporting broken mobile phone glasses at a cost of 430,000. Because of the interest I have had in technology, I have been forced to network with many people, both locally and internationally seeking for ideas and support. I have done more research about the source of broken mobile glasses and phone repairs will be of great help. I have joined a WhatsApp group for all phone repairs in Nairobi and here is my buying platform.

Expected Returns

Every original iPhone, Samsung and Huawei phones come with original screen. Given that most people in Kenya want good phones and expensive, they hardly do a research on the cost of maintenance of a phone. The screen of a phone can break any time due to falling, of putting wait on a glass and this will prompt you to replace the screen. They end up taking them to phone repairs who replaces these cracked screens. Most of these screens are very costly from the shop e.g a new iPhone X screen costs Ksh. 32,000/=. When it’s broken and replaced, my buying price of a cracked but working screen is Ksh. 10,000/= and I sell them for Ksh. 17,000/= to a Chinese company.

This alone means that if I buy 20 iPhone X screens at a cost of Ksh. 10,000, I will spend Ksh. 200,000/=. Then the cost of sending them through UPS courier is about Ksh. 11,000 plus packaging Ksh. 4,000 and the initial Ksh. 30,000 for buying testers to help me in testing of any screen I buy to ensure that it is working. The total expenses will come to Ksh. 245,000. When I sell these screens at a cost of Ksh. 17,000, I will get in return Ksh. 340,000. When calculate the returns you find that you are able to make Ksh.95,000/= and after bank taxes, I will get a profit of Ksh. 90,000 in a week.

This is a clear indication that in one week if I supply only iPhone screens, I am able to earn Ksh. 90,000 and in a month will be Ksh. 285,000 if I supply three times a month. In a period of 12 month a year, I will be able to make Ksh. 3,420,000 profit. These figures may go down or go up depending on availability of the high-end mobile phone screens. But I strongly believe that it will grow upwards since my interest is to extend the search for screens in the neighboring counties like Nakuru, Kisumu, Mombasa and others.

Because I have an interest of helping the poor and this is the only opportunity to give back, I will use this opportunity to create jobs to many youth who come from poor backgrounds. with this kind of returns, I will give back 20% profit of my investment to MavenCORE.net so that it can support others to benefit in their projects. I will also give back to MavenCORE through buying Mavens.

This work is going to help me proceed with my higher education in Computer science at Moringa School where I want to do Programming. My children will also be able to get there education since I am currently struggling to pay their school fees.

I have a lot of confidence and with hope that my business Idea gets sincere consideration. I am open to any suggestions and directives from the team at MavenCORE.net and other partners involved. Thank you very much for your time and Consideration.



  • Harun


  • Nicholas

    Such a unique project! You definitely need to do some walking so you can get the votes required. I think the idea is you share your proposal with your friends and colleagues and they should vote for you. I would love to see this project funded…

  • Richard

    What an original idea …this gadgets can easily become lethal weapons if they fall into the wrong hands ….am glad you have found a way of ridding the country of this items …..

  • Kennedy

    Thank you for being honest to your promise. You vote counts and even you are welcome to submit your proposal.

  • Isaac

    It seams you have better links to the outside world. How long is the project supposed to last?

  • Kennedy

    I happy and grateful to all that continue to vote and wish me good. God bless all God bless Kenya.

  • Kennedy

    For me this funding means a future for somebody!!!


    I am happy with your plans my brother. don’t give up. This is a good project. I am interested and I am also going to apply.

    • Kennedy

      Chris first of all thank you for voting for me and also showing interest. I know how much you need funding for your business and I still encourage you to do a proposal or ask MavenCore to link you to an expert to write you a proposal.

  • Alice

    Hi, hope you have bought some mavens so that you don’t get overlooked when funding time comes coz your project has definitely struck the right chord with people.

    • Kennedy

      That is very true Alice. My desire is that I get money to fully participate in this activities.

  • Kennedy

    Glory and honor and power belongs to God and no one can take it from Him. I say thank you to of you who have come out to vote for me.

  • Joseph

    What an awesome idea man! This is good thinking, many people go for money first before identifying the market but you went for the market first then look for money. This is big man.

  • Jack

    Keep up my brother. We hope you will be rewarded by your good work.

    • Jessie

      This is a great project. And am happy to see that able people are coming up to transform our country. May you go far brother

  • Ann

    Such big ideas needs to be supported in manner and be encouraged to reach out to many by creating job opportunities. I pray that you get the funds to help the many young families. Kudos

  • Kennedy

    I have faith that this project will come true and help many families

  • Kennedy

    Yes please. I have already secured a market for recycling the LCD screens and this is a big market that pays much in return.

  • vincent

    I see your project is unique do you have ready market for it because this will reduce waste .

    • Kennedy

      I am always motivated by the fact that I would not wish to see my children and any other person’s children lack basic needs

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