I have seen the struggle people in this area have accessing posho mills and would like to start a business that solves this need.

Budget Breakdown (approx)

Problem Statement

My name is Roselyne, a passionate business Lady. I have been in an SME business for the last 27 years and this has been my main source of livelihood for my entire family. For the last 25 years, I have been doing business in Eldoret town I migrated to my rural village in Nyakach in Kisumu County two years ago.

Having seen the struggle of women in this area traveling long distances of about 2kms to go to the nearest Posho Mill, I have decided to venture in a Posho Mill business to help solve the problems and to keep myself in a sustainable business, and it will be possible through your support as MavenCORE, and I believe I can make it.

Access to a Posho Mill in this part of Luo Nyanza is very crucial bearing in mind that “UGALI” that is maize flour is the staple food of the locals. You serve Jaluo with all kinds of food, without Ugali in other words “KUON” Jaluo will still ask you for food, I being a Luhya and in our tribe our favorite dish is chicken “Ingoho” which must be eaten with Ugali. So a Posho Mill in this communities are a great necessity. Most Luos prefer that flour from a local Posho Mill to that from the milling factories. They say the one from the Posho mill is the original which has all the nutrients and gives strength. Having a Posho mill that is reliable, reachable and affordable is our greatest priority in this area and it is what most residents around this place are longing for. The area has a great potential since our catchment area has a population of almost 300 homes within a radius of 1 km. Human beings cannot do without meals and Ugali is among the cheapest meals one can afford and many farmers in the area also practice maize farming thus having a convenient Posho Mill near them will save them a big deal.

Project Details

Having been in business for over 25 years, I have very concrete ideas and experiences of turning all upcoming challenges into success. For the last two years I have been in the village where I am running a home based grocery and I know the broad based customers that I have always commanded over my small business which I will use as my bench marking strategy in this new venture. I am therefore optimistic of my success in good faith. I have all that it demands to be successful in business which includes God given favor and long term experience in the business field.

For the start I am planning on setting up a lower price to attract many customers. Other competitors have been charging Ksh. 20 per gorogoro and I will be charging Ksh. 15 per gorogoro.

My estimated customers per day are about 30 with an average of at least 40 gorogoros per day @15/= per gorogoro. This will give me Ksh. 1200 per day. Even if I spend Ksh. 200 on electricity, I Will remain with Ksh. 1000 per day which amounts to 26000 a month, if l pay my miller who will also be the care taker Ksh. 5000, I will remain with a profit of 21000. Out of this I can easily give 20% of the profits to Maven core and my life will still be alright.

Since most of Posho Mills around are diesel driven, mine will be electrical driven and this will produce best flour which many will like and also it is also eco-friendly.
Already, I have a registered business name, I will only need a business permit from county government, which I will acquire immediately the businesses starts. I have slotted in the budget for same.

Since I have a piece of land by the roadside, I will be running the business in that facility thus cutting out the renting fees. I will only put up the housing and to up a fence for security purpose.

I will purchase a complete unit of a Posho Mill fixed with 7.5 HP motor. Due to smaller consumption rate I will install a single face machine which will be less expensive in terms of electricity’s consumption.

I will use all my business talent to make this be a very successful business. With all your kind support I will exploit this available market opportunity to make a successful venture. I believe I will get the support I need from MavenCORE, Thank you.


  • Roselyne

    Thanks for your positive comments

  • Isaack

    This is a great business idea.

    • Isaack

      This a great budiness idea.Wishing you all success.

  • Billy

    Nice initiative there, it will really help the women around who had trouble getting to a posho mill. Wish you the best

  • Jacob

    This is a good business to venture in considering it is in a rural village, it will definitely help so many people

  • Roselyne

    This is a great vision and business venture

  • vincent

    This is a good project.

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