Problem Statement

Malaria have been a major cause of many mortality among young children. Ithanga ward, Murang’a, due to water shortage there are uncovered boreholes, dams to conserve water to be used during dry seasons, hence they are a breeding ground for mosquitoes. After rains a lot of student complain of suffering from malaria and not able to purchase treated nets.

Budget Breakdown (approx)

Candle Wick 1,500

Solar Wax Melter Ksh 25,000.00

5 Metallic stands Ksh7,500.00

5 Langstroth hive Ksh 30,000.00

2 Frame plastic centrifugal honey extractor KShs25,000.00

2 Bee Smoker Ksh 6,000.00

Rosemary seedling Ksh1,000

Drying and crushing bowl Ksh1,000

Labor and miscellaneous Ksh 56,000

TOTAL 153,000

Project Details

The project involve making mosquito repellent candles using rosemary leaves, lantana camara which is plenty in the area and citrus peels . The candles can be made available to locals at a cheap price and also the project will be used to educate community on how to make mosquito repellent candle. Instead of buying bee wax we can set bee hives at our school and benefit both as a teaching aid and by selling honey.


  • vincent

    This project will reduce the death rate of small children due to malaria,make sure this project is found in each and every household in Kenya.Your idea will change many lives.

  • esther

    a brilliant idea…all the best dear


    Good project, all the best

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