I have observed how beneficial products from Moringa tree are and I know a good area where the tree can perform well.

Budget Breakdown (approx)

1. Purchase of 6 acres of land ~ 1.5 Million

2. Fencing 6 acres ~

240 poles~55,000

Barbed wire rolls~ 48,000

Nails ~10,000

Braces ~42,000

Labor~ 50,000

Transport~ 10,000

Total= 215,000

3.Borehole Drilling ~ 150,000

Solar water pump~120,000

Water tank ~50,000


4 Construction of workers houses and a store

5 Plowing 5 acres ~ 15,000

6 Planting seeds~50,000

7 Planting labor~20,000

8 Drip Irrigation kit~130,000

9 Miscellaneous ~50,000

Total= 2.5 Million

We can connect you with the project owner if you would like to fund this project directly

Problem Statement


Moringa tree farming is a project geared towards ensuring sustainable food production especially for communities living in the arid and semi arid areas.
The trees can serve both subsistence and commercial food requirements.

Project Details


Moringa tree is natures best kept nutritional secret.These plants are exceptionally nutritious and can tolerate hostile conditions and poor soils.once planted it has a lifespan of 30-40 years.The tree matures after 6-8 months and thereafter the leaves can be harvested more than three times annually depending on the prevailing weather conditions.

The first phase of the project includes purchase of 6 acres of land whereby 5 acres will be planted the Moringa trees and one acre will be reserved for a mini factory construction in phase Two.

The estimated budget is 2.5 Million with a resultant revenue turn over of 13 Million Annually.This means a minimum of 1.5M back to maven community is indeed possible.

Revenue Projections

One acre has a capability to hold a minimum of 3000 trees with 3 times harvest of leaves annually which translates to 9000 kg powder for the 5 acres.
one kg of Moringa powder ranges from $10-50.

The minimum budget threshold is 1.8 Million.
I sincerely like to extend my gratitude to all friends and partners who will join in the fundraising journey.

Thank you very much.



  • John

    Great dear


    Welcome you all my friends from Kenya and International, you are very free to comment and vote for the project by liking at the bottom of the story.

    Thank you so much.
    May God enlarge your territories.

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