Problem Statement

The cost of construction is becoming expensive most people fear construct permanent houses by starting making bricks it will reduce the cost of construction .at my home place i have access to clay soils which is good in making bricks and provide employment opportunity for casual workers who will assist me in this job.

Budget Breakdown (approx)

Buying of soils for making bricks 200,000

Posts for making brick houses. sh.30,000

Poles sh.20,000

Nails sh.15,000

60 pcs iron sheets @800 sh.48,000

labor for construction sh.18,000

Transport cost of poles and posts sh.10,000

generator for pumping water from the near river and its pipes sh.50,000

firewood for burning bricks sh.100,000

Labor for making bricks sh.100,000

Labor cost for burning bricks sh.70,000

miscellaneous sh.50,000

total 711,000/-

Project Details

The project involves making of houses,making of bricks, spreading of bricks to dry and packing them together.i will involves use of family labor in spreading and arranging of bricks in the house.the project will generate 1,500,000-3,000,000 per year.

The project will be able to give comfortably 200,000-500,000 per year to MavenCORE



    Good project, all the best.

  • charles otieno

    Interested in the project

  • Ronald kuya

    Let’s change the world for the best

  • Jackson

    it’s a good project

  • John

    Please as I have voted go vote for my project of music financing by at least leaving a like on it

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