I’m Simon, from Nyeri. I have a passion for agriculture to help improve diets and also create jobs.

Budget Breakdown (approx)

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Problem Statement

Security is an alleviation of any form of threats to human cherished

values.One of the most cherished value to human is life.A man can

not live for long with no food .Therefore for long-term man’s

sustainability,food security is crucial.Due to this line of thinking ,to

us,rabbit farming project seems to be one among the projects that

would sort out the issue of food shortages thus accounting for a

certain percentage towards food security..Rabbit farming can also

serve as a source of employment to the few who will be employed

to provide labour


Idea’s Importance

An idea is a platform of well articulated thoughts which are brought into a

reality by the virtue of intended activity to be carried out in form of project.In

this project we largely focus on Rabbits keeping.


Rabbits are an excellent source of vitamins ,minerals and

trace elements high in vitamin B 3 and B 12

phosphorus,potassium and selenium.It contributes to a good

balance of vitamins and minerals for daily dietary

requirements.A meat with an excellent balance of fatty

acids.Rabbit is richer in Omega 3 than chicken or pork

Rabbit farming which is largely focusing on food production , is not only keen to food

provision to only Kenyans but to the entire world.In addition to this the positive

eating habits will be attained due to health supplements in the rabbit meat .


The core objective as we embark on to the project,is to constantly be able to produce

continuously with no shortage to achieve our intended goal which is to facilitate the

people’s understanding on the products’ importance.



The reason that would make me feel that i am the best to bring about the solution is

the fact that I am versely equipped with skills that would best fit in handling this

particular field and believe that by applying the best acquired skills to my work,then

the chances of the project’s survival will be atleast 75% if not 100%.Durngt the

carrying on of the project,then ,more skills are expected to be acquired thus improving

our standards day after the other.

The main reason as to why I would give such a posibility in terms of percentage

is,despite us being so optimistic,the actual fact is that future serves a two oposing

outcome to our expectations.Many are times the business or projects of the same kind

would uncertainly collapse with the least expectations to its future

revival.Eventualities serve the best platform for once learning and improving the level

of preparedness.Eventualities such as sicknesses,losses and decrease in production are


less anticipated for but the reality stands that any thing can happen.

Agricultural products are highly in demand and therefore this keeps the market steady

and in constant flow.When demand is high in most cases the supply is low.High

demand on products supply motivates me invest into the field.The reason is because

of the available market for the product

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Project Details

The market consists of the buyers,sellers ,cash flow and constant production .To
maintain the clients in this case,both of us will adopt the contract engagement.This
will take place of a medium into a mutual understanding to everyone who is
involved.This will entail the rules (terms and conditions).This will act as blue print on
the business will run and how all of us will win .Time at which the business will be
carried out will also be outlined .The quality and quantity of the products

The income revenue will be generated from the sales made from the rabbit
products.This will enhance the tax payments labour ,restocking and the expansion if
the need arises.
However ,for the profit to be accounted for the previous capital used to start the
project must be first accounted for and then deductions from the sales the difference
between the two will be the profit .

Currently we are not certain that the profit will be gained within the first harvest but
the probability of it being accounted for after two or three harvest is quite high


A Piece of land This is to cater for the space.The available space is approximately 1.2
acre.This will not wholly be used for the project only but at least a half of it will be
dedicated to the project
Construction Cost This will involve the materials needed to complete this tusk
and labour provides as employment to those carrying out the construction.The
materials needed are;
• Timber and posts
• Nails
• Hinges
• Iron sheets
• Translucent iron sheets
• Wire mesh

A carpenter and a An assistant

Time frame
The construction task expected to be completed after 10 days
A carpenter paid Ksh 1000 a day 10,000/=
Assistant paid Ksh 500 a day 5,000/= Ksh 15,000

  • Does
  • bucks
  • Hay
  • Pellets’ bags
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  • Antony

    Farming is one of the best fields to venture into since demand is rarely affected since food is a basic need however the type of product you choose can affect your bottom line since prices can climb and fall. Hence it is very important to master your market and it’s various trend. I know from experience that rabbit farming is profitable especially if done properly since nothing goes to waste for example urine from rabbits is the best organic insecticide. I know if you do your research well you will definitely succeed.

  • Clement

    Agriculture is always a good choice. Rabbit farming is infact very lucrative business to venture into.
    All the best in your project

  • Ann

    I love this project,There is a great opportunity of rabbit farming, and commercial production can be a great source of income and employment,wish you all the best.

  • William

    Since the project is on Agriculture I like farming I am a dairy Farmer and I am also seeking funding here. Good luck

  • Isaac

    This project is awesome.I believe it will contribute to living a positive life

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