I have a vision of starting an online digital media company. The goal is to find original free or commercial content for redistribution.

Budget Breakdown (approx)

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Problem Statement

Aberdare Range, is a new International online company which will be based in Kenya as a website. It’s a digital entertainment website, for now but, anticipates that it will develop and refuge all kinds of information found on the internet. It was created to add value to the information found in the internet by finding, checking, validating and listing the information on a website for easy retrieval of it. Its vision is to work as a digital information library as it reaches its climax.

Our aim is to find free original data e.g. videos, music, texts, images, e-books free or commercial content that would be of interest to internet users. We shall verify it and using the rights given by the hosting companies for sharing such content as long it is still hosted by them, we will take their links and display them to our website after verifying the content. This will let consumers of digital content find this content easily. This venture will be of great help because not only will it secure the content but it will also help the consumer discover new content thereby helping content creators have a larger audience.

Project Details

Our website platform will be consumer based and so will be directed by statistics trends. This means that our customers will find the most popular content in our site. This does not mean that new content won’t be found but we will solve this problem by creating our own countdown of the content we hope to post in our site through social media sites thereby giving a chance to good content that is new or is not popular. This will ensure good contents as well as visitors to our site. We hope to host more than 100,000 different type of verified digital content in the first 45 days. This will kick-start our site visitor base.

For us to achieve this, we have laid down a Business Project plan to lead us as a map. First, we must register this website as a company with the Kenyan government to be within the legal framework. We will rent a dedicated office and acquire a PO BOX number for our company to have a physical presence as well. We must also acquire a bank account with the same name as our company name to manage business funds on their own account.

In our plan, we stipulate that we will be outsourcing some services e.g. writing content reviews from freelancers thereby creating some source of income generating work to online workers who are largely the youths. Since we will be handling large chunks of information, we will need a dedicated customer care services which will constitute five staff members who will double as business admins at first but hope to add them as we gain profit. They too will earn some income. We have already identified three hosting services that are within a budget which may host our website. Since there is a boom in acquisition of smartphones, we will need to create apps for the three big platforms. That is Android, IOS and Windows, which we will also outsource the service from a company that will create for us all the three at a budget only if It will be bargain-basement since we will be based online as a website.

This company will earn at first through a cheap subscription price of 1$ annually for our customers so as to keep up with our production cost. These in return will provide a safe online environment to our clients and advise them accordingly. These will help us expand and create an information base that will be relied on in the future. It will also help us sponsor education on online security to our users. Please join us as we take on this huge step that will let everyone be on board either as a consumer or a content creator to help and make the internet better and better. 

For this great idea to come to action we are working within a budget of $11,500 or Ksh 1,150,000 of which it is attainable with you as an investor. If we could afford a large budget we could start an empire but with the above it can act as a seed that will germinate and become a huge tree. All big data companies started small but today are the online giants you see. With a good will, we can make it.



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