I’m a budding Kenyan athlete but am yet to catch a break. I’ve also served my country in the disciplined forces. Through this project I hope to organize my fellow upcoming athletes so that we can take advantage of every opportunity available.

Budget Breakdown (approx)

Hiring a Developer                                      – Ksh 100,000

Buying Domain & Hosting (3 years)          – Ksh  30,000

Marketing (PPC ads for 6 months)            –Ksh  30,000

Office Space                                                  -Ksh   70,000

Administrative and other expenses         -Ksh   20,000

We can connect you with the project owner if you would like to fund this project directly

Problem Statement


Kenya is renowned worldwide for producing world beating athletes. However, the story goes beyond the few names that lift trophies in major running events. For every single winner at the Olympics, Diamond league, Big City marathon etc, there are probably 100 other unknown athletes who despite toiling daily to improve their time, cannot beat their elite compatriots. Many of us upcoming athletes hope for a way to go run in other countries even if we do not beat the competition at home. The platform I want to build can benefit many of the athletes who can gain something for their hard work.

I’m planning to set up an online portal where other hard working athletes like me can post their results, training regiments and details that can help us get noticed by sponsors, fans and other stakeholders. Even if an athlete does not make money winning in competitions, they can get opportunities to work as fitness coaches/companions or other gigs associated with athletics. They say the early bird catches the worm, but for many athletes that wake up early every day to train, all the hard work goes down the drain. Through my Portal, their fate can change.

Project Details

My Plan is to have a web portal where any Kenyan athlete can register for an account, start recording their participation in various events, and include the time and position they manage to achieve. The site will automatically grade an athlete against compatriots and keep records of personal bests. In addition to competitive records, the site will also allow athletes to record their practice time on various renowned training tracks around the country. Such information can be useful for coaches looking for new talent or for people who may have talent but lack exposure.

The platform will also run bulletins about the athletes giving them worldwide exposure.

Networking Opportunities for Non-Athletes

Apart from athletes, other people too will be accommodated in the platform, the most obvious being coaches. Over the years, athletes have won millions (probably even billions), but the areas most of them come from do not reflect these astronomical earnings. Some athletes even go broke after winning several races. This signifies there is a gap in financial consultancy that needs filling. The site will welcome knowledgeable consultants who can help athletes invest wisely. Another area where the portal can help is in matters doping. In many cases where our elite athletes are accused of doping, they indicate that someone might have exposed them to unknown substances. Nutritionists, healthcare consultants and legal professionals can use the platform to offer advice or help athletes respond to the career-ending doping scourge. Finally, language specialists can help athletes learn new languages so that they can fit in wherever they go around the world.

Returns from the Project

The portal will offer premium services at a small fee of Ksh1,500 per year per athlete. This small fee will cover the administrative costs, marketing of both the platform and the athletes who join.  It can offer very good returns depending on how many people join. For example, just 1,000 members would give a return of Ksh1,000,000 per year.

Project Progress

I have had this idea for a few years now but I always felt it would take millions to set up a platform. However, through networking and consultations, I’ve met individuals who have helped guide me on how to start with a minimal budget of Ksh250,000. I have consulted a web designer who has created a mock-up design of what various sections of the site will look like. The images you see in various parts of this proposal are from the mock-up. After I receive the funds, the project should be ready within two months.


Mock-ups of the final portal


  • vincent

    This is a wonderful project will bring change to athletic world .
    My question is will this club allow even non athletics members to join?

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