I have worked a few years in gardening mainly dealing with tree planting, maintaining live fences and flowers for clients. In my line of work, I have observed people making money from trees selling poles, firewood, timber etc almost effortlessly and if I get funding for this project I hope to make some myself.

Budget Breakdown (approx)

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Problem Statement

My project aims to take advantage of a few opportunities, namely the ever-high demand for tree products such as fencing poles, construction props and firewood among others. I also own a 1-acre piece of land in Tumaini, near Dundori, an area that that receives high levels of rainfall all year round making it ideal for tree planting. With my experience sprouting and managing flowers and fencing trees, I can manage this project effectively. Also, since I already own the farm which can support 3000 trees, there are no unnecessary costs involved such as buying a plot of land.

Project Details

As Kenya is modernizing, the building and construction sector continues to flourish raising the demand for tree products. By positioning myself as a producer, I have a wide market to choose from: I can supply props that support buildings under construction, firewood for furnaces used in industrial processes, poles use for fencing and wood used in making furniture and other items locally. The elongated props from the Eucalyptus Grandis also make it best suited for the frames in greenhouse units. Since trees are not perishable and the effects of inflation keep pushing prices high, there is always a chance to get maximum returns from this project.

Another good thing about this project is that the market is always ready. When the trees reach maturity, a visit to a few timber yards is enough to get customers for the trees. In addition, my farm is not far from the road so the trees will be easily accessible once they mature.

Expected Returns

Eucalyptus Grandis variety can be harvested at any time between 18 months to 8 years depending on the targeted end-product. At 18 months to 2 years, it produces a 20-foot prop that currently fetches Ksh 100 each. Therefore 3000 x100 returns Ksh300,000 and since the trees re-sprout after harvesting, the project is sustainable and can therefore give back Ksh60,000 to MavenCORE every 2 years or so.



  • George

    a good project that can mitigate the climate change

  • philip

    A good project that can lead to upgrade on wood shortage and lead cash earnings.

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