Project Overview

Our company mission is to supply cheap, clean and affordable solar power to the thousands of rural, off-grid households by eradicate the use of kerosene lamps and assist families embrace solar light for home use.
Our company ensures that solar energy has been integrated into homes more efficiently and economically, to reduce energy bills, to provide greater supply reliability, and to provide clean energy for mankind.

At this time, many households and commercial real estate developers are ready to switch from depending on Hydroelectricity and embrace the solar panel as a source of power. We are confident that the competitive cost of our system and the superior operating capacities that it provides will quickly make it a leading product in the renewable energy marketplace.

My proposal is to get 3 million Kenya shillings business capital to fence the farm and do a few other value additions around the farm.

Budget Breakdown (approx)

KAHILL ACRES OF LIFESTYLE requires $250,000 in start-up capital will be needed to jump-
start operations; this includes a significant safety cushion in case of financial emergency.

Itemization of Investment Needed

administrative $10,000
Workshops $10,000
Office Space $10,000
Furniture $5,000
Security Equipment $5,000
Labor $20,000
Advertising and marketing $50,000
Power Storage Equipment $50,000
Security Equipment $20,000
Wiring and Connectors $15,000
Legal fees $5,000
Operation expenses $50,000

TOTALS $250,000

The Minimum amount we seek is $150,000.00 which will start-off on our journey.

Project Details

Company Overview


Our company is on a mission to supply cheap, clean and affordable solar power to the thousands of rural, off-grid Kenyans by eradicate the use of kerosene lamps and assist families embrace solar light for home use. Our company will ensure that solar energy has been integrated into homes more efficiently and economically, to reduce energy bills, to provide greater supply reliability, and to provide clean energy for mankind.

Industry & Marketplace Analysis

One third of the Kenyan population has no electricity. The majority of these people live in rural, remote areas off the main power grid. Many household resorts to kerosene lanterns. And those lanterns create unhealthy fumes, they cast inadequate light, they cost a relative fortune to run, and all too often they cause burns or fires that claim lives.

In the past ten years, global electricity demand has grown by 40 percent. During this time, the use of RE has expanded at ten times the rate of fossil fuels. Experts predict that the world’s electricity demand could triple by 2020, a colossal increase that will be fuelled by the industrialization of developing countries. As a specialty provider and integrator of RE systems designed for developing communities, KAHILL ACRES OF LIFESTYLE will position itself to capitalize on this explosive trend.

Marketing Strategy

Our main target are household in rural areas in Nakuru county with a population of 1.6 million with over 75000 household ready to embrace the solar energy as an alternative source of lighting.

Description of Services

Using a unique business model called Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) which is a micro payment scheme to sell the solar light kit in rural Kenya we aim to eradicate the dangerous and toxic kerosene lamp and improve lives through solar technology.

The solar kit which consists of 4 lamps and a solar panel cost 100 dollars. A client only needs to pay a deposit of just 20 dollars and get the kit. We do all the installation at his home. The remaining 80 dollars is paid in installment of 10 dollars for 8 months and subsequent electricity is free to the new owner.

PAYG customers are finding that instead of paying $2 to $3 a week for kerosene, they pay less than half that for solar energy. The PAYG concept is a familiar one for hundreds of millions of Africans who purchase mobile phone minutes and kerosene fuel incrementally.

As compare to getting connected to the main power grid where it is required that the clients pays the full amount of 350 dollars connection fee and then wait for 6 to 12 month to get power connected to their house. We are the better option by far.

Management Team

Ashford Gitau, KAHILL ACRES OF LIFESTYLE founder, is completing Diploma in Purchase and supply management at the African institute of research and development studies . He has traveled extensively in Kenya. As permanent employees, the founders will seek, identify, and finance lucrative new project opportunities all over the world.

Summary of Financial

In Kenya, solar kit financing will generate almost $500,000 thousand of net income, and
$750,000 thousands in accumulated cash, by 2020. We will seek $200,000.00 in a single round of seed financing to fund the business. KAHILL ACRES OF LIFESTYLE will seek this capital from private accredited investors, interested in penetrating emerging markets. KAHILL ACRES OF LIFESTYLE will drastically improve the community’s prosperity, thereby building real demand for electronics and solar products and services. KAHILL ACRES OF LIFESTYLE is dedicated to improving the lives of the world’s underprivileged people by promoting the use of clean renewable energy. Therefore our company is also offering investors to be associated with this noble initiative.


The commitment of KAHILL ACRES OF LIFESTYLE will be to spread technologies for harnessing renewable energy (RE)

Vision Statement

To become the world leader in the creation, development, and deployment of technologies that converge the advancement of human civilization with that of the environmental condition.

Market & Services

KAHILL ACRES OF LIFESTYLE will immediately specialize in providing electricity and electric services for rural communities. KAHILL ACRES OF LIFESTYLE will sell solar
electric systems for home and commercial applications by allowing customers to finance the cost of these systems over time.

Solar Electric Kits. Our solar electric systems will be sized to meet the needs of a typical kenya household.

Very few homes have the need to power anything more extravagant than a few fluorescent lights and a radio, and therefore these systems will be small by Western standards. Each system will come with a solar panel, a deep-cycle battery, a charge controller, lights, a radio, wiring, connectors, and mounting materials. In order to serve the expected high demand for affordable solar electric systems. All systems will be sold as pre-assembled kits. These kits will be designed to be so simple that end-users will be able to perform the installations themselves. In this way, KAHILL ACRES OF LIFESTYLE will minimize the size of its technical staff. Initially, there will be three kit sizes offered.



    Much as I have just started going through the website, I am grossly delightful of what MavenCORE has done and continues to achieve. Totally, impressed by the deeds, I wish to register my gratitude to MavenCORE team for enhancing people’s livelihood and progress.

  • Gichuki

    Solar power is definitely the best way to go for household energy needs. I would recommend that you stretch the payment period up to e.g. 36 months. This would make the payments much cheaper to e.g. USD 5 per month and accumulate more interest to give a better return on investment by the time the household acquires the unit to create a financial pool from the interest to be able to roll out to more households without having to seek additional CAPEX funding. Good stuff and hope you get financed.

  • Joel

    It’s a good project for production of energy.You will definitely get consumers for your product .

  • vincent

    This is a good project which will bring change to the society keep up the good work.


    Very good project, well illustrated.Would really want to see this project come in to fruition. All the best.

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    Please as I have voted go vote for my project of music financing by at least leaving a like on it

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