Project Overview

It’s a music project I need to make a 20 tracked music album and at least 10 hit singles as advertisement of my music and me as an artist I need funds for recording, video shooting, Graphics marketing and paying management.This is to help me since I don’t have a good job in this society full of unemployment I couldn’t get enough funds to finance a music gift which is my life’s second option I am a rapper. A lot of other youths experience same unemployment and they have music talents.If you help me raise up in music I will stretch my hand and lift other youths who are in similar situation.

Budget Breakdown (approx)

Ksh.25,000 for quality recording of each track hence total is Ksh 750,000 for 30 tracks the 20 tracked album and 10 singles

Ksh 300,000 for quality video shooting for each of 30 songs hence total Ksh 9,000,000

Marketing of my music for a period of 5 years each year paying my marketer Ksh 300,000 hence total Ksh 1.5 million
Graphics for physical and digital covers of each song is Ksh 1,000 hence total is Ksh 30,000

Graphics for the album cover Ksh.3,000

My dress codes for video shooting Ksh 5,000 per song hence for 30 songs it is Ksh 150,000

Hence my total budget is 750,000+9,000,000+1.5million+30,000+3,000+150,000=Ksh 11,433,000

Project Details

I already have singles that I have produced with my own resources. If I secure the funding, I’ll be able to launch a full career.


  • vincent

    This is a good project are you a gospel artist?

  • John

    Thanks Elliud n Liz

  • Eliud

    Your dreams are valid, but be realistic.. use the songs that you have to penetrate the market. You want an album that cost over 9M yet even your singles haven’t been heard. Use strategy.. make a single hit with video and market it. Am a media professional and my advice is make few songs like 3 ..find a good music producer let him advice you on vocals.
    Wish you all the best

  • Samson ogutu

    Its good my friend John keep it up

    • John

      Thank you


      Good project. By the look of your project very good strategies should be put in place and I believe this will be one of its kind in music industry. All the best.

  • John

    Please as I have voted go vote for my project of music financing by at least leaving a like on it

  • John

    Guys support me by clicking like n comment

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