I’m Judith from Nairobi. I have a great passion and gift for cooking, which I share through RhuBarb DeliCiosa by preparing and delivering freshly homemade nutritious and delicious meals to people in their workplaces – the same food quality they get at the restaurants with the convenience of delivery and affordable prices.

Budget Breakdown (approx)

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Problem Statement

With the hard economic times getting ever tougher, there is a need for increased productivity at the workplace. Proper nutrition is crucial for such improved productivity, but sometimes:

  • Tight schedules deny people the convenience of going to restaurants for lunch.
  • Eateries around their workplaces do not offer quality or affordable foods
  • Other eateries only offer fast food forgetting people who are health conscious.

Faced with above challenges, foregoing meals is a common phenomenon. That, coupled with my passion for cooking, made me consider exploring the office catering and packed lunch delivery niche in Nairobi and its environs. I also chose to do this business because of its potential to create employment opportunity for other young people.

Evidence of Traction

The business is registered as a sole proprietor and started the service in 2019.With few clients, little resources and myself as personnel, selling a plate at 200, this is the outcome.

Annual sales Turnover

Daily sales | 15×200 | 3,000
Weekly sales | 3000×5 | 15,000
Monthly sales. | 15,000×4 | 60,000
Annual sales. | 60,000×12 | 720,000

Profit Turnover

Daily sales profit |50×15 | 750.00
Weekly sales profit |750×5 | 3,750
Monthly sales profit |3,750×4 |15,000
Annual sales profit |15,000×12 |180,000

Net Profit % |180,000 ×100 | 25%

Through research and experience gained in the business, this venture can run profitably with increased clientele, personnel and better logistics, thus asking for funding to expand it by acquiring a food truck with a fully fitted kitchen. With the truck, the team and I will be able to cook, deliver and market our services on the go. The kitchen inbuilt features include:

  • Refrigerator
  • Food warmers
  • Deep fryer
  • Gas cooker and Oven
  • Grill
  • Sink and cabinet

As a resident of Nairobi, I have a clear understanding of the hassles daily life can present. By positioning myself as a problem solver, delivering fresh and nutritious meals, I am filling a genuine need, with your support, chances of success for my food delivery business and achievement of my mission are very high:

Mission: To offer quality and affordable healthy meals for a healthy people

Photos About the Project
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Project Details

RhuBarb DeliCiosa mainly targets corporate clientele. This segment presents many benefits to the potential growth of our business. First, there is the constant flow of orders since most people are at their working places most days of the week. Secondly, the target customers are at the right income bracket to pay a standard rate for quality food, rather than looking for the cheapest offer.
This leaves a decent profit margin for our business, and since online food delivery in Nairobi is still in the nascent stages, I plan to press the advantage to build a profitable food delivery business, rivaling well-known restaurants.

The Value of this Food Delivery Service to Customers

Although the product I deal with has the physical representation of a plate of food, the real value that I serve is:

  • Convenience-the meals are delivered right at your office desk
  • Time saved -one does not need to waste time to look or leave the office for an eatery
  • Healthy option- giving diverse menu daily
  • Value for money-pocket friendly prices
  • Longer break for employees to refuel and bond with each other

Customer Acquisition and Retention Strategies

My strategy to reach customers is through direct marketing to various offices. The food truck will be branded with images, menu and Rhubarb’s contact details so that the message can reach people as we move around the city making deliveries. I’ve already created a business profile that gives potential customers insight on what to expect from RhuBarb DeliCiosa and free sample meals are availed to prospective clients. Once you fund this project, I will create brochures and use paid advertising channels such as Facebook Ads to reach a wider audience. Customer acquisition is not the end of the strategy since I believe repeat customers build a business. By offering a variety of meal choices each day, making timely deliveries, and charging fair rates, the business can retain customers.

Revenue Sources for the Business

Apart from food delivery to offices, the business has other potential sources of revenue. Following up on these additional avenues will help the business generate sufficient revenue. In addition, it will also serve as a backup plan in case the primary strategy does not perform to expectations. The additional revenue sources include:

  • Outdoor catering services
  • In-house cooking call jobs
  • Sale of fresh juice and fruit salad as an alternative

I sell a plate of food at Ksh200 and with your funding, I expect to make a sale of a minimum of 100 plates daily and make a gross profit of Ksh70 per plate. With this, I will be in a great position to give back and uplift other startups.

Expected Annual Sales Turnover

Daily sales |100×200 | 20,000
Monthly sales | 20,000×20 | 400,000
Annual sales. | 400,000×12 | 4,800,000

Expected Profit Margin

Daily profit | 100×70 | 7,000
Monthly profit | 7,000× 20| 140,000
Annual profit | 140,000×12| 1,680,000

Net Profit % | 1,680,000 ×100 | 35%

This is just the return from the basic service. When combined with the additional services, it’s a business with great potential.

I understand the business is capital intensive, thus believe there is a good chance of receiving funding from MavenCORE or individual investors.


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