I Samuel have a lot of interest and passion in aquaculture for both edible and ornamental fish. With over ten years experience from employment in the sector to self employment i am well versed with the opportunities and challenges in the field of aquaculture.

Budget Breakdown (approx)

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Problem Statement

After studying the market for over five years i have discovered a gap in the availabilty of high quality fish meal enriched with the right vitamins, proteins,and minerals to boost the quick growth of both edible and non-edible fish.

This project has been neccessitated by in adequate availability of quality fish meal to fish farmers and aquarium enthusiasts. The project will also help in accelerated growth of the fish for onward supply to the market increasing profitabilty of fish farming while also supplementing the health benefits of white meat with fish known to be rich in vitamin C.It also helps in the fight against malnutrition and obesity.

The project will contribute in jobs and wealth creation as well as promote agribusiness.To increase profitability raise the working capital,increase stock and our range of products we have a farm in Kamulu 2.5 kilometres from the main Kangundo road.the farm already has a borehole a house,a livestock/poultry shed.

Photos About the Project
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Project Details

At the farm a fishpond construction is underway

We have outlined several activities for this innovation namely:

  • Implementation of the business idea
  • Production of best ingredient fish pellet
  • Continous engagement with stakeholders
  • Monitor and evaluation methods

The unique approach

Due to the posiiton of Acquazone as a respected aquaculture business venture the project will be unique and different from the combination high quality mineral and vitamin enriched fishmeal for both fish and poultry mixed with highly nutritious fresh fishmeal. With vast experience in the industry and while understanding the nutrition needs of the fish the we shall dry, pack and sell insects and worms as a rich source of protein, iron and minerals to the fish. Through the edible insects project acquazone will try to promote and advocate more consumption of insects as low fat high-protein diets for people pets and livestock.in our pilot project we will start by breeding insects and worms that are edible for both ornamental and edible fish (research is on course).some of the edible insects include termites,caterpilla,silkworms crickets and locusts.

The nutritional and economic impact of this noble project will mainly benefit the small scale fish farmers as well as the low income consumers accessing fish and poultry meat affordably.

I project to reach break even in the first financial year.

Acquazone has existed and operated profitably before the launch of this project.the company is expecting to realize a growth of between 100-300%.this will catapult our company into new heights and create a conducive working balance for future growth and sustainability.

The grant together with the owners equity is going to see the project move from the initial stages of implementation to a commercially self sustaining business idea that stands the test of time due to the diversified approach.

To mitigate the duration of the break even acquazone will maintain the core business which currently is on the growth course. Since inception (2009) fish farming is on the boom and we are capitalizing on these to make profits that will help us in diversification .

Our customer base is set to increase from the current 100 to about 300 in the next financial year.this will increase our sales resulting in higher profit margins.to maintain higher profits we shall use the bootstrapping methods of reducing expenditures as indicated in our risk management.

The low-income consumers need access to cheap but highly nutritious foods.this means they need availability and affordabilty .this will mean other players in the industry will change their focus and strategy to be in line with new trends.to help this category of people acquazone is introducing cheap methods of fishfarming greenhouses to addresss the serious issues of malnutrtion.agribusiness is also a wide sector and can create jobs and help fight poverty while creating wealth and fighting food insecurity.

The kenya government in partnership with development partners is also implementing various projects in relation to this and according to the latest world bank report the agriculture sector is expected to grow more than any other sector.

Through this innovation we are projecting acquazone to make major contribution in promoting the agribusiness as a means of job creation and contribute towards elimination of malnutrition.

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