I’m Billy, a passionate video gamer who also plans to convert this hobby to a source of money for other gamers in Thika.

Budget Breakdown (approx)

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Problem Statement

Hello, my name is Billy, a student at Mount Kenya University pursuing Bachelors of Science in Information Technology. When growing up I used to like playing video games a lot – they used to help me forget my worries and problems, and enter another dimension of fun. I always wanted to get a platform where I could at least battle other gamers in a video game competition and actually earn from it. So, I came up with this project so that it can help those other gamers out there who never get the chance to show the world they are so good at what they do and in turn help me also since I’ve been having issues with my school fees.

I joined Mount Kenya University in September 2016, and due to lack of fees, I deferred after one and a half semesters so that my parents can get to look for some funds to send me back to school. Luckily, enough I went back to school September 2018 after my parents had raised some little cash but I got stuck again in the May-August Semester this year (2019). My parents aren’t working so raising my fee is a big issue since am in the parallel program. Therefore, I wanted to start this business to help me pay for my fees from the profits I’ll be making. On the other hand, I also want to help other gamers out there like me by creating a platform where they can be paid from gaming.

Recently I saw on adverts that gaming competitions have started taking root in Kenya and people have started taking gaming as a profession and I would like to help boost that. Also in the recent Safaricom Blaze Summits, a professional gamer was brought to shed some light on taking gaming as a profession and I gained a lot from that.

 I’ll be hosting weekly tournaments on weekends where gamers come to test their abilities against their fellow gamers and the top three gamers get to walk out with some little token of appreciation raised from the money the gamers would have registered with. This will help the youths in the area by keeping them busy rather than being idle and getting into drugs and others getting into crimes so that they can get something to put on the table. This business will help them get something in return other than getting into crimes and drugs. I believe I am the right person to solve this problem because I am also a gamer who needs recognition thus I will be committed to make it happen for me and the other gamers around me.

Project Details

The project entails starting a PlayStation gaming shop, with 5 gaming consoles for a start hoping to expand it as time goes by. I am planning to start this business in Thika town around the Mount Kenya University campus because of the high number of students there. I’ve been trying to watch the turn up of students in PlayStation shops and the turn up is huge, like there is no single time you can go to a PlayStation gaming shop and find it not occupied. Most students prefer to free their minds with gaming after classes thus this type of a business will do so well in such an environment.

On a daily basis I can make at least Kshs.5000 if I have the 5 consoles making it to Kshs.150000 a month. The project seeks to helps other gamers and also me in paying for my fees. Once the business is fully up and running I commit myself to be paying the 20% of the profits I’ll be making per month to help other people with their projects. This will be a turning point for gaming to start being taken serious and to prove it can be taken as a profession and actually earn from it. So I’ll be working closely with established gamers to help create ways and doors for the upcoming gamers and those individuals who really are into gaming but can’t get the resources to help build their passion. My provision of the services will be different from the others because of the PlayStation Virtual Reality Bundle, which give the players an ultimate virtual reality feeling when gaming, which I haven’t seen in the other gaming shops.

There are some vacant rooms in some building just outside the university. My first step will be to put down a deposit then go to the county offices for a business permit and music copyright license then finally purchase the consoles and televisions which with the help of a technician they will be mounted on the wall and find appropriate seats. After that the business will be fully running.

In my budget the miscellaneous will be used for paying the technician, minor fixes in the room and cover other unforeseen issues.

I believe I will be able to achieve my dreams through MavenCORE platform. Thank you




  • Alice

    Great project that could turn something that is ignored or even loathed by some parents to a lucrative source of income for many. I hope Billy, you are now doing market research on the best gadgets so that when the time so that when the time funds come, nothing will hold you back?

    • Billy

      Thanks Alice, and yeah I’m doing market research and observing what others in the same business are doing to attract more customers

  • Jacob

    Hey young man, you have a very good idea which I am sure is going to help you narture your talent. I’m sure the challenges you’ve gone through in life is going to motivate you to be aggressive in this your wonderful plan.
    Best of luck.

  • Roselyne

    Yes ,this is a very innovative business idea.

  • George

    A good idea but what value does it add to upscale the economy

  • Albert

    Good idea. Just a note; once it’s up and operating, run it like a business not a hobby. Its important to enjoy what you do but also remember there’s bills to pay for the business. I wish you success.

    • Billy

      Definitely, thanks so much

  • David

    This is a great project. The only thing i would advise is to find out whether there are special licenses you need from the government so that you don’t face unnecessary disruptions from the authorities

    • Billy

      Yeah, there are some licences i need to get.

  • Dancun

    A very useful idea but create a team so that others can benefit from your project.

    • Billy


  • Billy

    It will as time goes by because as the business grows, I’ll need to have other people on board to help in the running of the business

    • vincent

      That is a good impact creating employment for others bring empowerment to entire nation.

  • vincent

    Your project is good my question is will your project create employment to the youths?

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