My name is Vincent, I have a vision to oversee a project that will turn a 10-acre piece of land in Machakos to an ultra modern farm that will create jobs for the youths and contribute to the production of high quality milk in Kenya. Currently I engage in business within the same area of Machakos County, Kithiani sub-county.

Budget Breakdown (approx)

We can connect you with the project owner if you would like to fund this project directly

Problem Statement

Milk is part of the core diet that most families in Kenya take every day – whether it is consumed directly or as part of another beverage such as tea. Although there are many farmers engaged in dairy farming, most do it at a very small scale. Apart from production, many people involved in distribution of dairy products are involved in shady practices like adulteration of milk and hiking of prices beyond normal levels.
Milk production is therefore a potentially lucrative venture especially when done from an agribusiness perspective – capitalizing on scalability and scientific farming practices. We have access to a piece of land measuring 10 acres with ready access to water and electricity located in Machakos County. My idea is to turn this land into a modern dairy farm.
I have hands-on experience having operated a farm before with five cows that used to produce around 70 liters of milk daily. In that farm, we had crossbreeds, so the production was less than expected from five cows. Even with the lower production rate, business was good with a very high demand for our produce. We used to sell a liter of milk at Ksh 50 and could not satisfy all the customers. With the Kathiani market in close proximity to the farm, we have an added advantage because access to feed supplements is easy. There are also farms that plant Boma Rhodes hay variety in the vicinity and in case of shortage, we can source it along Kangundo road from private sellers. It is a business with minimal competition in the area so chances of success are very high.

Project  Details

We hope that MavenCORE will help us acquire the core resources necessary to run a successful dairy farm in Kenya. These include the cows, a means of transport to bring in the feeds and take the milk to the market as well as the structures necessary to run a modern day farm. Our aim is to rear hybrid cows, each capable of producing at least 25 liters of milk per day. Since milk is a product that is always in demand even its raw form, we plan to sell directly to the retail market where a liter goes for over Ksh50, so our farm can rake in up to Ksh375,000 per month from milk sales. Apart from milk, we also plan to provide the manure from cows to local farmers as organic fertilizer. With industrial fertilizer prices always hiking, our organic manure will have a ready market in neighboring farms. A wheelbarrow of cow manure goes for Ksh50 and this would create an additional income of at least Ksh20, 000 every month. 

As you can see, our project is more than just a moneymaking venture because we’ll help people get high quality milk while farmers in the vicinity of the farm will get cheap fertilizer to boost their crop production. The project will also employ people like farm hands and drivers among others. 

From my previous experiences in dairy farming, the costs of doing business are minimal once the project is up and running. In this case, we expect the farm to incur around Ksh150,000 as costs every month which is a small fraction of the Ksh 375,000 monthly revenue. Therefore, the farm can remain profitable even during lean times and thus readily give back to MavenCORE so that other people with great vision can be funded.
Once we secure funding from MavenCORE, our vision in one year is to add ten cows so that we can employ more youths in our facilities.

Our mission is to be the leading milk provider in Machakos County and in the future, the entire Kenya. If the project can help spur the production of sufficient milk in our country, it will improve the lives of the youths it will employ. We can also provide a market for people engaged in other agricultural sectors such as hay production and even manufacturers dealing in animal feeds, supplements and other products.





    To the MavenCORE team I have gratitude to express. While I was engaged in taking the orientation course, I couldn’t get some of the undertakings and benefits that accrue from using this platform. Having entered the dashboard and after reading from different sections, I was totally amazed. Someone can immediately and internal ask why. I write from extreme north of Uganda.Many or several of the doings remain unknown to people here. Moreover, MavenCORE does great, rewardable things to uplift the income levels of people with viable project ideas in the whole of African continent. This is absolutely, brilliantly and undoubtedly something which automatically provokes appreciation. I haven’t benefited from MavenCORE financially but with knowledge that I have attained and continue to secure I am propelled to register my thankfulness to MavenCORE for what they do. I am so happy that my scope of securing funds has been enriched and enlarged tremendously . Thank you.


    Vincent, much as I have joined the MavenCORE team recently, what I delights me Immensely. To put straight, your project about the diary is grossly going to enrich you and beyond. First of all the nutrients got from milk is needed by almost everyone who consumes milk. Thus this explains the ready market you will have at home as well as far and wide. I desire to give you more courage,for we shall learn significantly a lot from your endeavors. Additionally, I see it as great solution to food security. I can’t go beyond this, I haven’t gone through many of the projects yet. Your project touched me so deeply, therefore I have been obliged or compelled to give you impetus.

  • Alice

    Smart farmers will be the billionaires of the future considering everyone is leaving the villages for town life. I also like your project because you will be fulfilling a real need in the form of providing quality milk, something which is lacking now that most people doing agriculture love to cut corners everywhere. I wish you good fortunes in securing the funds and the actual project.

    • vincent

      ALice It is true farming will bring the billionaires in our country and also providing quality milk will enable us have a healthy generation in our society.

    • Alice

      Indeed, as the saying goes, we are what we eat, quality food is a priority for a better future. One more thing, i hope you have acquired some mavens here coz a project like yours shouldn’t be bypassed by others because of something small like that? its also a lucrative way to wait for funding, that i can say as one of the early adopters

  • Joel

    It’s a good project that will create employment to youths and will create multiplier effect ie usage of clean energy.

    • vincent

      It is true Joel our project will create employment to many and also bring the usage of clean energy which is good for our environment.

  • Matildah

    I like this project i know it will bring many change in the society and will bring employment to many youths.

    • vincent

      Yes Matildah our project will bring changes and hope to many in the society.

  • vincent

    Thank you Philip for your comment yes this project will create employment for many youths.

  • philip

    This project is good will create many employment opportunities and yield huge amount of cash.

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