I’m Phanice from Nairobi. My background is empirical marketing which equipped me with the skills necessary to nudge people to make positive changes in their lives.

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Problem Statement

Health problems are a growing concern for many Kenyans. Issues like cancer, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes have become alarmingly commonplace.

In cities, the home, work and leisure aspects of life are increasingly combined into one location.

Most people are busier than ever and spending more time glued to their screens, so in seeking to get the work-life balance right it’s relevant to them to be able to access the ultimate in wellness onsite.’

About me!

I have a background in experiential marketing and event management for professional medical associations. I therefore have immense creative ways to nudge and empower the consumer to embrace small changes in their family to begin or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I have come up with unique, fun and beneficial monthly wellness programs that focus on physical and mental wellness and often extend healthy habits for middle class families in urban areas. These programs champion behaviors that reduce health risks, improve quality of life, enhance personal effectiveness and benefit the community as a whole.

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Project Details

A definition of a hFest activation would center on activities such as learning about self-care and other health and wellness enhancing practices, outdoor pursuits, or lifestyle changing features to enhance their physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing

hFest will partner with the health care professionals to provide our clients with the tools they need to improve their health today and avoid problems down the road.

Target Market

Our target clients are threefold: Residential buildings (apartments & estates), corporate institutions and hospitality institutions e.g malls.

Today’s consumers are thirsty for as much information as they can get their hands on. This is especially true for the health sector because people are more involved in their own health care decisions. When they get home from a doctor’s visit, they hop online and research the physician’s recommendations. Based on what they find, they might seek a second opinion or even fail to follow the doctor’s recommendations. This venture offers direct feedback, discussion and demonstration of a health, wellness and fitness product and services.

Additionally, retailers who buy health and wellness products from manufacturers want to provide their customers with the best possible merchandise. The only way to educate your potential customers is to meet the client, get feedback and create a product or service that persuades, entertains, and inspires them. Consumers love to bargain hunt. The hFest activations allows consumers to compare costs so they spend less money without sacrificing quality.

Our Solution

Our customized wellness campaigns offer our clients choice and solutions to begin or maintain their overall health. We partner with experts to offer a full complement of wellness services and educational interventions designed to identify health risks and motivate our clients to take proactive actions to reduce their risk.

We will use mail digital marketing tools to reach our customer and pitch on the need to have unique interventions for their staff, tenants, home owners and families.

We will offer a unique intervention in line for different target audiences touching on different aspects of health like weight loss, fitness, stress management, cancer screening, oral healthcare etc.

Why there is a need.

Africa’s middle class population is one of the fastest growing in the world, bringing about new stress levels and lifestyle changes.

It is estimated that if communities adopted the health principles, such as those promoted at the hFest activations, the mortality rates for Cancer and cardiovascular diseases, for instance, could drop by 60-70% and 70-80% respectively

Longevity could be increased by 6-12 years, with better quality of life.

Medical costs would be greatly reduced and people could live better, healthier lives!


Revenue will be generated from Sponsorship, Exhibition/Vendor charges and Ticket Sales.


Cost Structure

Since our programs are customized so will our cost structure. Event costs are determined by various factors including location, target market, marketing efforts and therefore our charges will vary. We shall maintain a professional fee of 20% of the total budget.


Our target is to make one million in the first month of execution and increase income by 10% each month once our brand gets to be well known by our clients.

Potential Benefit to Residential Complexes, Estates, Corporates and Attendees

Provided with tools and tips to improve their health and well being

Introduced to fitness, wellness and health products and service providers

Be empowered to be proactive in caring for themselves and others in their community

Explore fun ways of getting active and bonding as a family and larger community

Experiment- Get an opportunity to try out different paths to a healthy life

Benefits to Sponsors/Exhibitors and Vendors

Introduce their products and services to new customers

Face to face meetings give them a great opportunity to demonstrate their products and services thereby gaining trust and solid long term relationships

Generate excitement about their products by using our fun and creative interventions

Network with other professionals and collaborate for mutual beneficial partnerships

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