I want start a grocery business that will serve an upcoming residential area

Budget Breakdown (approx)

Building and construction      = 10000/-

Tomatoes 40kgs                      =1600/-

Onions 13kgs                           = 700/-

Kale’s/Spinach 50kgz              = 2000/-

Mangoes 40kgs                       =1000/-

Bananas 20kgs                        = 1000/-

Carrots 40kgs                          =1800/-

Oranges 40kgs                         =1400/-

Cucumbers 20kgs                    =1000/-

Pineapple 30kgs                       =1575/-

Cabbages 40kgs                       =800/-

Peas 40kgs                                = 4000/-

Cooking Bananas 30kgs          = 1000/-

Green maize 40kgs                    = 1100/-

Lettuce 40kgs                              = 1800/-

Lemons 30kgs                              = 900/-

Brinjals 40kgs                              = 2400/-

Apples 40kgs                                = 4000/-

Total                                       = Ksh 38,075/-

Miscellaneous costs might add to a total of 10,000/-

Total Cost Ksh 48,075/-

We can connect you with the project owner if you would like to fund this project directly

Problem Statement

This project involves starting a grocery store selling and delivering vegetables and fruits to a semi arid part of Machakos county where residents here have no access to fruits and vegetable shops. It is a fast growing region with residential homes coming up every other day. The people of Sabaki make long trips to acquire these products, which can be brought right at their doorsteps once my grocery delivery project starts.

Project Details

As the name Teke Teke suggests, my strategy is to do grocery deliver fast without compromising quality. Groundbreaking is scheduled to begin immediately upon receipt of funding. Within two weeks after kiosk construction the project should be running!
The kiosk shall be constructed in a strategic location beside the main road that connects Dawaso, Matter, Telling, Coca-Cola, Sabakian, Greenpride and Mlolongo Phase 3 eastates. That’s a good number of clients to start with.

Printing and supplying of brochures to all homesteads to ensure will help my stand out over other grocery business ideas and ensure clients know where to find us.
The number of homesteads already settled with families is close to 250 and the anticipated growth of homesteads is 10% every year



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