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Startup Score Card – Test Your Proposal

1,330 Views Sell a good night’s sleep, not a mattress! The scorecard lets the project initiators evaluate their proposal from the standpoint of potential startup investors like MavenCORE. Use it to evaluate and improve the information you have in your proposal. We use the same scorecard to assign a percentage score that is publicly viewable […]

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How to Claim Money for Projects at MavenCORE

5,407 ViewsTop funding guide  5/5 Introduction At MavenCORE, we are driven by generosity – we find generous people with money and persuade them to support local innovators and entrepreneurs in Kenya. You can be a beneficiary of this program if you have a project and you meet this criteria: You can write down a […]

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Tips for Writing a Proposal for a Small Business

1,060 ViewsMost people rely on small businesses for their daily upkeep and in many cases, the small business has great growth potential, but lack of capital holds the owner back. So, we expect those looking for alternative sources of capital to start a business in Kenya to post their proposals here. The few projects of […]

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