I am Stephen,a resident of Nairobi county living in Kibera.I own a business which works in handy with young mothers basically to train them


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Maison Mothers Bakery as our slogan states ‘Baking with a cause.’ We aim not only to be of benefit to our company but also to the larger community of the less privileged in the society. In this case, we aim to work with young mothers who had to drop out from school due to early pregnancies in order to raise their young ones. We aspire to work with ladies from the outcast of Kibera Slums being the second largest slam in Africa after Soweto Slums in the South Africa.

Having lived in Kibera and interacted with various friends who have had to drop out from school due to early pregnancies, I felt there is a gap that needs to be filled in my community. Dropping out of school for most girls in the region is not always because of lack of interest in education but circumstances while growing up that lead them to being in situations that are vulnerable. An example of such a case where by due to poverty a young girl has to find a means of assisting her parent to raise funds for her education and they end up doing jobs like washing clothes for people in oder to earn something to boost funds for their education. While innocently doing jobs. Some get raped or get drugged into relationships with the promise of being given money when in need. All this lead them to getting impregnated and left to fend for themselves.

At this point, life tends to get hard for these young girls because most parents back out from continuing to pay school fees for them and they now have to stay at home and find a means to raise their young ones. At a tender age, getting to raise children without finances and support is really hard and demanding leading to few of them throwing away their children to reduce on the responsibilities at hand.

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I believe that these girls once they attain education and get a sustainable job they can better their lives. Therefore, having the skills on baking, I thought of having a means to help them through the same. In this case, my project will get to make the products and motivate them in doing sales and marketing of the products and depending on the amount of product one sells they get to earn money that will assist them in supporting themselves and their children besides doing Sales and marketing for the company. They also get time situated for them going baking skills and getting knowledge about the products they sell and supply to the larger community. We aim to have 3 hours for doing theory classes, 1 hour of doing practicals then the rest of the hours for doing field work which includes, distribution and interactions with customers either at the bakery premises or around the community and schools.

On the other hand, children in the urban slums are greatly suffering due to malnutrition. I thought of the best way to get children have nutrition in their diet is by making nutritiuons snacks for them. Children mostly interested in colourful and sweet food. Most of the parents in urban slums feed their children with junk and healthy foods as an alternative or foods for the wealthy people in the society.

With my baking skills, I aim to bake healthy products but also impressive to the kids because kids mostly get attracted with colourful things. Besides the baked products, we also aim to produce healthy drinks to substitute the unhealthy drinks children go with to school. By making these healthy products, the young mothers will also benefit in getting educated on nutritious ways of feeding their young ones in this way improving the health state of their children reducing their risks of malnutrition to their children.

We aim to reach out to these young mothers through distribution of flyers in the loyalty, door to door in their area, referrals from friends or people who have had of our project, through various organizations in the area that work with girls in the slums, churches and our clients. I believe I will be of great impact to their young ladies in the community.

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  • Gichuki

    Good initiative and business idea. With good route to market to build your distribution network, you should be able not only to train, but also grow the revenues through daily retail orders from the outlets in Kibra. There are over 1,500 retail outlets in Kibra (I did a market survey there) and the sky is the limit for your business.

  • Clement

    Great business idea. Food is a big thing currently and it’s booming.
    All the best as you venture into the industry

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