Problem Statement

To start a tailoring workshop that would be used to make school uniforms and staff uniforms for several schools and many upcoming NGOs who travel long distance up to Kisumu city to buy these uniforms.

Budget Breakdown (approx)

1.4 Sewing machines @ Kshs.65,000.00 = KSHS.260,000.00

2.Rental fees for 12 months @ Kshs.5,000 = KSHS.60,000.00

3. 10 Chairs @Kshs.2,000 = KSHS.20,000.00

4.1 Wall drop @ Kshs.10,000 = KSHS.10,000.00

5.3 Tables @Kshs. 5,000 = KSHS.15,000.00

6.2 Cutting machines @Kshs.30,000 = KSHS.60,000.00

7.8 Scissors @ Kshs.1500 = KSHS 12,000.00

8.Variety of threads Assorted = KSHS.7500.00

9.Cloths materials Assorted = KSHS.200,000 .00

10.3 Iron Machine @ Kshs,2500 = KSHS.7500.00

11.Paper bags for packages Assorted = KSHS 5000.00

12.Assorted items = KSHS. 10,000.00

13.2 Overlocked machines @ 65,000 = KSHS 130,000.00

14.2 Button hole machines @ 65,000 = KSHS.130,000.00

15.Lining assorted @ 100,000 =KSHS.100,000.00

16.Electricity bills @5000 by 12 months = KSHS 60,000.00

17.County Govern licensed = KSHS.10,000.00

18.Transportation and distribution = KSHS.100,000.00

19.Lap-Top @Kshs.50,000 by 3 lap top = kshs. 150,000.00

TOTAL = KSHS.1,407,000.00

Project Details

The project is to enable the community around to get nearby services and easy delivery of the items to the local engaged facilities for schooling and medical staff and other locally initiated NGOs and CBOs staff, also create job employment to the youths and improve economic and lively-hood of this community.The youths will also be trained to get enough knowledge to start their own sustainable Businesses.

This Project will attract many and local customers to do shopping locally as there has not been any established textiles enterprises in this county of Siaya with the same strategies to enhance locally manufacturing and making durable school uniforms and uniforms to locally NGO staff.



    Good project of tailoring workshop brother Samson Ogutu,I really support this project to help Youths be self employed great!!


    Good project, all the best

  • Samson ogutu

    Thank you Mr John for your concern I promise too

  • John

    Please as I have voted go vote for my project of music financing by at least leaving a like on it

  • Samson

    Thanks slot for this update am praying that may God see me through so that i would be the role model in the society please brothers and sisters help me to fulfil my dreams through this project and vote for it knowing thing youths will one day appreciate the effort,I promise to work with you so that to a achieve what is meant for as, God bless you as you consider

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