About MavenCORE Technologies

About MavenCORE Technologies About MavenCORE Technologies About MavenCORE Technologies

The above list shows projects MavenCORE has supported with cash contributions.

Mavencore Technologies is a service based in Nakuru, Kenyan offering various services to businesses and individuals. Our service bouquet is centred around sourcing business capital for startups and small businesses for innovators, entrepreneurs, and inventors.

What MavenCORE Does for Those in Need of Capital

Validate your Idea

Validating a project idea before approaching financial providers helps you pinpoint any weak points that could prevent you from securing capital. Validation resources include self-review questionnaires and personal reviews from industry experts.

Host your Project

To raise money online, you need a platform where potential backers can access it conveniently. MavenCORE provides a crowdfunding platform where all projects are listed, and the money pledged accumulates until the project is fully funded. We also mobilize people to support projects with donations by offering value such as business exposure.


What MavenCORE Does for Those Who Donate to Projects

Marketing the Businesses

MavenCORE lists your products and services on your portfolio, blog, and banners on all our web platforms, raising awareness about your business. We also have a team of affiliates that promote your business through their social networks, where they share information.

Generate Engaging Social Media Content

We display your business banners and branded merchandise as we work on projects so that they appear in project photos and videos. We also provide yearly trophies to appreciate your participation. All these are great for sharing on your social media, and they generate significant engagement as people appreciate your facilitation of projects worth several millions.



Mavencore is offering a truly unique service since now anyone with an idea can benefit from the shared generosity of many people. Also, ayone giving cannot feel dissatisfied since they can see exactly where their money goes. There is also an exchange of value for the giver since those with businesses get marketing. Nothing comes close in the African continent

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