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MavenCORE Technologies is a Marketing service that connects people with unique skills to those who require them. We also assist skilled people with money to buy equipment, tools or acquire other resources. 


These are people with some extra money to spare and the willingness to help others. Funds from individual philanthropists are pooled to support bigger projects.


These are people with business ideas, innovations or inventions who require capital to move from the possibility phase to reality stage and implementation follows.


People who want to assist entrepreneurs with their networking skills help MavenCORE reach new members by sharing information about the funding program.

How To Connect to MavenCORE

If you like our exciting program, you can participate and benefit or help others. You creating an account on our web platforms is the easiest way to be part of the program. You can also visit our office 

how mavencore funds projects

Getting Started

If you have a little capital, a good business story and the patience to wait approximately 6 months, we can help you get free capital for your business. We expect you to have 10% of the capital you need and we get the rest of the 90% from people through the crowdfunding concept whereby people contribute small amounts each until the big budget you need is fulfilled. We have funded projects with as much as Ksh25,000,000 this way. Therefore, you should not hesitate to present the project you have.

In case raising 10% is an issue, you can choose to pay for a lifetime MavenCORE Membership which costs Ksh5000 and you will be able to present a business project without showing proof you can raise 10% of the capital

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For a Country to develop, it’s citizenry must rise to the occasion and develop innovative ideas that solve the unique problems faced in the country. It’s the duty of average folk rather than the reserve of a few privileged elite to spur uniform growth – MavenCORE

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