Mavencore is hosting Portfolios for different businesses and service providers. But what exactly is a portfolio, and how does it help a business?

It is a description of your core business services and products. It highlights your recent accomplishments in service to your customers. For example, if you are in the service industry, you can showcase several before and after pictures of the things you have done for clients. If you deal in products, you can showcase your stocked items. If you offer intangible or personal services (such as accounting or medical services), you can display your office or team members within your portfolio.

Since the goal of a portfolio is to reach your desired target audience, the portfolio also has contact information that people can use to reach you. Your business location and phone number are visible to everyone that views your portfolio. There is also a private message option that people can use to reach you through the website. Very useful in case posting your phone numbers publicly may not be ideal.

Finally, the most important part of the portfolio is the philanthropy section which showcases projects you have contributed money to facilitate. Mavencore has made this very convenient for you since any project done while you have an active pledge shows up in your list. The list only shows the project name and budget, not your individual contribution. This makes it very convenient since you can pledge what you can afford, and you will always be recognized for your generosity.

As people explore the list of generous individuals and companies, your business will get the exposure you need to reach customers, partners or even attract government and company contracts. The portfolio tells people about all the good things your business has been doing.


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