A philanthropic portfolio or profile refers to a comprehensive overview of an individual, family, or organization’s charitable giving and philanthropic activities. It provides insights into their philanthropic values, goals, strategies, and the impact they seek to achieve through their charitable endeavors. Philanthropic profiles are often created to help potential partners or beneficiaries understand the motivations and preferences of the philanthropic entity in question.

A typical philanthropic profile may include the following elements:

  1. Mission and Vision: A clear statement of the overarching purpose and aspirations of the philanthropic entity.
  2. Giving History: A summary of past charitable contributions, donations, and grants made by the entity, including the causes and organizations supported.
  3. Areas of Interest: An outline of the specific issues or causes the philanthropic entity is most interested in supporting. This could include education, healthcare, environmental conservation, social justice, poverty alleviation, arts and culture, etc.
  4. Grantmaking Approach: Details on the strategies, methods, and criteria used to select and fund projects or organizations.
  5. Partnerships: Information about existing partnerships with other nonprofits, foundations, or corporations.
  6. Funding Capacity: An overview of the entity’s financial resources available for philanthropy.
  7. Success Stories: Examples of successful projects or initiatives funded by the philanthropic entity, along with their outcomes and impact.
  8. Contact Information: How interested parties can get in touch for potential collaborations or funding requests.

MavenCORE Improves on General Profiles

When you choose to create your Philanthropic Profile through MavenCORE, you get additional benefits that you would otherwise have a hard time realizing on your own. MavenCORE’s goal is to enhance the benefits for those giving and those receiving help, making it a win/win for everyone involved. 

Boosting Your Philanthropy

Helping others takes resources like money, time, and human resources. At whatever level of philanthropy, you might face some resource limitations – maybe you don’t have as much money as you would want to give or enough time to engage those in need. MavenCORE pairs you up with several other givers boosting the money raised collectively. Also, as a dedicated shared philanthropy platform, we can dedicate time to evaluate projects and document the progress of every project that you help fund. 

Your giving will have maximum impact and you will get a clear record.

Overseeing Project Implementation

One thing that can discourages many people from giving is seeing the money being diverted by the recipients to unintended uses or plainly wasted! MavenCORE oversees projects step-by-step with the goal of facilitating successful projects. Your money will never be wasted. 

Publicizing Your Contributions

Its very important for anyone giving money away to publicize what they do. Otherwise, people who deserve to benefit from what you do may never learn that your are willing to help them. There are several other reasons for publicizing your efforts that we’ll explore in a different article. 

MavenCORE wants to publicizes your contributions through our web platforms and social media. Our reasons are to improve your reputation and business reach since we know the more money you make, the more people you can help.


What A MavenCORE Philanthropic Portfolio Contains

  1. Business Location & Contacts: We highlight your business location and phone number at the top of your portfolio so that anyone interested in the products or services that you offer can easily reach out to you.
  2. Business Products and Services: The main description in your portfolio talks about your business. What products and services you have and how people can benefit from buying from you. The intention is to show people exactly how you make the money you give away since some people associate philanthropic efforts with shady activities. Its also a way to get you free marketing.
  3. Supported Projects: We show names and budgets of projects funded through your contribution. There is a link to the full project page for those who want to see full details. 
  4. Direct Messaging: The Portfolio has a private messaging option that people can use to communicate to you. Its a convenient way to get orders or clarifications about the products or services you sell.
  5. Reviews: Through your portfolio, you can collect reviews from customers that you have served showing future customers whether you have worthy services or not. The reviews are for what you do.
  6. Achievement & Awards: Your Philanthropic Portfolio shows what rank you have achieved. We also provide physical trophies every year along with an update on your portfolio page. 


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