Hi, I’m Daniel from Kiambu. There is a wide gap in our local music industry mainly in terms of music content which i hope to be one of those that help fill it.

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Am a richly talented music composer and have been doing great inspirational and gospel songs for a long while. Being an inborn talent, it has all along been my dream since childhood to venture into music career not only to earn, but also to have my great messages get heard. I believe in creating a rich content that touches, inspires, empowers and blesses souls rather than just entertaining and that is what I stand for as an upcoming artist. Although I do vernacular works as a starting point, am also composing inspirational songs in English that I hope to record in near future with an aim of going international.

There is a wide gap in our local music industry mainly in terms of music content. While we have many talented gospel and secular artists, there is scarcity of both mature & moral content in secular music and spiritually enriching content in gospel music. I believe anybody can agree with me on that. I want to be in the front line in reshaping the music content creation by also mentoring other upcoming artists so that our music can bring a positive impact on our society. However, my dream has been facing financial constraints which is why I have been unable to venture into this field despite having composed over 100 songs over time that are both gospel and inspirational in nature.

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That said, I believe I can do exploits in the industry by the Grace of God using my talent to make some change in the society. As a starting point, I recently got an opportunity to audio record two demo vernacular gospel songs, both very powerful and with strong messages. The two demo tracks are my debut recording works and shall serve as a kick-starter and propel me to higher heights leading to full realization of my ultimate dream. Kindly access them via below individual links for your listening:

Thondekera Njira (Create A Way For Me) – https://www.indiesound.com/track/78961

Tuhinguke Maitho (Let Our Eyes Open) – https://www.indiesound.com/track/78987

Kindly access 3 of my raw great compositions that I have done in English via below individual links:

I Need No One’s Permission – https://soundcloud.com/user-525556648/permission

Something Good My Way – https://soundcloud.com/user-525556648/something-good-my-way

One Thing I Know – https://soundcloud.com/user-525556648/one-thing-i-know

Now that I have made a start by recording the demo tracks, am working in making a professional video recording of the 2 audio tracks and start media promotions of the same. I also need to register with MCSK which is a very necessary requirement. If you have listened to them, I believe you can agree with me that they carry the potential to hit at least locally. For this am sourcing for funds to help achieve this and start my music journey.


Besides that, I have a musical business idea which is about composing and recording great commercial jingles with outstanding commercial content ideal for products promotion. As a creative writer, I come up with highly appealing wordings in the song to not only promote a given product, but also outstandingly depict the given company’s theme. I can also compose and write music for specific events besides creating business and mission anthems for companies, institutions, and organizations.
Kindly find my original sample composition with uplifting content ideal for commercial advert and another one with motivating content ideal for a company or organization via the individual links below:

Everyday Is A Party – https://soundcloud.com/user-525556648/party

Twasonga Mbele – https://soundcloud.com/user-525556648/twasonga-mbele-we-are-moving-forwad

I can also do original customized or personalized songs for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries etc with names and other specifications included in the lyrics to make one celebrate important occasions in outstanding fun style.Thinking of gifting a loved one? I can compose a personalized song for him or her, then professionally get it recorded with great vocals and instrumentals. This will definitely take gifting to another level.
Of course, music is said to be the most efficient way of passing a message and its impact is undoubtedly great. That is why as a gifted artist, I came up with this original idea so that I can offer these great services and tap into this seemingly less identified field of artistry. The tunes/melodies, lyrics and everything in the song customized uniquely to the satisfaction of the client.. These works can then be recorded professionally and complete music with great vocals submitted to the client.

I believe that this kickstarter project shall serve as a stepping stone and a good move in availing myself to the industry. By video recording my works, I shall be able to get on various platforms e.g. yu-tube, viu-sasa and then continue growing from that point. So for now, I need funds for:

Music Copyright Registration (MCSK) – Kshs 5000
Video Recording for 2 songs – 15000
Media Promotion – 15000

Total- Kshs 35,000

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