Q 1a). What is your projected yearly return on investment?Maximum revenue in a day can go as high as Ksh10,000 to as little as Ksh7000. So on average I expect a revenue of Ksh8000 a day. We work 6 days a week averaging Ksh 192,000 a month. Yearly the total approximate revenue is Ks2,304,000 Costs include variable and fixed. Variable Daily costs include fuel -Ksh3500 – ksh4500 , sacco charges Ksh500, car wash & parking – Ksh200 and miscellaneous Ksh400 Fixed Monthly Saklaries, Ksh15,000 conductor Ksh15000 driver vehicle service – Ksh 5800 (oil change and brake pads) Yearly TLB – Ksh4000 Insurance – Ksh96000 Total yearly costs fuel Ksh 288,000, Sacco 180,000 parking 72,000 miscellaneous Ksh144,000 Vehicle service Ksh69600 Salaries Ksh 360,000 TLB 4000 and Insurance Ksh96,000 Total Ksh 1,213,600 Net yearly Return – 1,090,400
Q 1b). What factors have you considered when calculating the return on investment estimate?Variable Daily costs include fuel -Ksh3500 – ksh4500 , sacco charges Ksh500, car wash & parking – Ksh200 and miscellaneous Ksh400 Fixed Monthly Saklaries, Ksh15,000 conductor Ksh15000 driver vehicle service – Ksh 5800 (oil change and brake pads) Yearly TLB – Ksh4000 Insurance – Ksh96000
Q 2). We know you plan to succeed and we expect and wish that you succeed. However, things can easily go wrong. What are some strategies you plan to use to minimize chances of your project failing due to unforeseen circumstances?Working under a Sacco will help me save money automatically every day since the Ksh500 deducted daily is still my money. Keeping a routine maintenance schedule also ensures the vehicle is always in good condition. Observing all the laws including getting all the documentation required by the government such as TLB, badges etc
Q 3). What indirect benefits are people likely to enjoy when you run your project successfully?The project may not have a big indirect effect. However, every new vehicle introduced improves the state of the public transport sector.
Q 4). What is the maximum and minimum amount you have estimated that the project you are starting would need?The maximum cost is Ksh2,900,000 and the minimum is cost is Ksh1,400,000
Q 5). What factors have you considered when estimating the minimum amount?The possibility of buying the vehicle on loan where MavenCORE covers 40% of the total vehicle cost and 100% of the other project costs
Q 6). What factors have you considered when estimating the maximum amount?Where MavenCORE covers 100% of all the other project costs including vehicle purchase
Q 7). Of the entire budget this project requires, how much are you covering from your own pocket and why or why not? Remember, only state what is available.By taking a vehicle on loan, i will cover approximately 51% of the total project cost
Q 8). According to the budget you are presenting, is this the cheapest way to run that?By buying a vehicle model ranging between 2009 to 2014 , the purchase cost is lower but most importantly the cost of spares is fairer. For example nozzles for the older models range around Ksh 15,000 while for the newer ones it is at least Ksh20,000
Q 9). Have you factored in all costs (including security and marketing)?Yes i have considered everything including tracking GPS gadgets and insurance
Q 10). Have you identified any way your project can work with the MavenCORE consultancy or suppliers’ service?Yes my vehicle is for public transport so it can offer convenient services when MavenCORE requires materials or people to be transported around the country
Section 2 
Q 11). What sort of growth do you expect your project to have over the next couple of years?If everything goes according to plan, i believe i can acquire a second vehicle within within the range of 2-3 years.
Q 12). What ethical issues have you noticed other people in the sector violate?Bad language between work crews or crews and passengers, overcharging passengers, use drugs even when working.
Q 13). How do you plan to ensure you do not violate any ethical norms while running your project profitably?i will be driving the vehicle personally thus ensuring close supervision of the work crews. I have experience working in the sector so have the discipline to oversee things
Q 14). Will receiving funding from MavenCORE help you in any way in ensuring that your business project conforms to the highest ethical standards?Most people do unethical things to overcome financial difficulties. Receiving a huge chunk of funding from MavenCORE will ease that pressure for me thus allowing me to operate at the highest ethical standards
Q 15). Where will you set up the project and why did you choose the location (do you live close to the area? How does it relate to your market)?Not applicable
Q 16). What is the distance from your project to the main highway in the area or tarmacked road (mostly for farming projects)?Not applicable
Q 17). What unique visuals do you plan to incorporate into your business? (Visual appeal can make your business look authentic or high class or even better stocked. For agriculture, farm visuals are good for MavenCORE documentaries)Only Sacco stickers are necessary for easier identification by passengers who are used to the service. The vehicle can also have a Mavencore logo or other graphic to help raise awareness about the program
Q 18). If someone else introduces a product similar to yours in the market with the same quality but at a lower price, what would you do to stay in the market?In the public transport sector there is no uniqueness since there are several vehicles already offering the service. As long as the vehicle is in good service people are ready to board
Q 19). If at the end of sending us the answers we tell you that your project is not good enough, how do you plan to convince us that it’s good? That we are wrong?I can provide physical evidence for your perusal since i have been working in the sector for some time
Q 20). Is your project fancy but impractical?It is a practical project providing a service that people need every day


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