Addokkas Production Media Inc. is photography and Freelance Company that helps clients preserve memories and portray themselves in the best light. We thrive on repeat business by developing relationships with our clients and calling them with timely reminders for new photos, providing photo session ideas and help them choose photo session venues. We make professional quality photographs easily available in a digital format. Families need photographs to capture the special moments of their lives. Families of professionals are busy, and if too much time goes by between photos, these moments are lost forever. Babies, especially, grow fast and parents need photos of them several times a year.

Budget Breakdown (approx)

You can help when you pledge a monthly contribution. Alternatively, donate directly on the crowdfunding page.

Problem Statement

Presently, the world is changing. We belong to the Generation with Millennials and the need to capture every moment in our life has become very important. I started photography in Campus and I would love to transform this noble idea to a stable media production company that does not only do photography, but could also absorb young talents who are not able to record or do a video. Besides, with photography and videography, I would like to reach out to cover Weddings, Church functions, County government functions and even Funerals.

Project Details

I would like to open a STUDIO within Kisumu town as there are only a handful studios. With proper advertisement and equipment we could reach different market niches within the Western region. With proper equipment, my company will not only do photography, but also, will engage in printing, photocopy, internet services, banner printing, poster printing and other small activities.

I started photography 1 year ago. I already have a primary camera that I use for photography (Canon 700D, its price was KES 78,000). This camera cannot produce professional shoots within the wedding and funeral photography niches. However, I use it do indoor photography like passports, group photography as this generation like capturing the moment from birthday, to studio, graduation events and other functions.

Presently, have started getting gigs for birthdays and weddings thus the need to acquire the best camera around to do both photography and videography.

I have back drop black and white (However, they are not seamless paper and sometimes they get dirty so attaining quality production is very hard), which has worked for small indoor shoots. I also have 1 strobe light powerful to serve one angle but not enough for video coverage (I bought this studio light for KES 22,000).

Currently, I am facilitating registration of by business under the name Addokkas Production Media Inc.

Expected Returns

Last year, with my small savings, I managed to buy Canon 700D as I had passion in Photography. Since, then I was able to do small photography events like photoshoot, outdoor shoot, attend events such as Miss Maseno, Modeling within various grounds.

I was able to raise money and buy the studio light and backdrop mentioned above.

Now, I used to charge 1 professional picture for KES 100 shillings. Gigs used to differ and some people would come in group and demand 10 pictures, this would yield KES 1000 in a day. On the other hand, under events such as birthday, formal bashes, miss Maseno, baby shower, the minimum cost of such events was KES 10,000 for 4 hours coverage.

How do I plan to generate income?

Well, interestingly, this business will not only involve in photographer. Personally, I am amazing writer. This photography will not be a project that deals only with photography, within the office, I will offer printing and passport production, photocopy, internet services. These services will provide enough income to maintain the operation cost of the office and pay rent, and the maintenance of the equipment.

On the other hand, for the main photography, a normal event should cost at least KES 15,000. With the help of a colleague, the return which the company will make will be KES 10,000 after taking care of miscellaneous cost during the event.

Separately, events such as Wedding and Funerals cost between KES 30,000-70,000.  Under this production, Video Editors and support photographer will be paid around KES 15,000. The remaining will be the profit of the Company. This happens when the company is fully set and has every equipment listed.

In the end, I would specify return on investment in 2 categories:

  1. Indoor production; printing, photocopy. Approximately, KES 40,000 per month
  2. Events; wedding, funeral, birthday: About 50,000 within 2 months. But this could go high or low (Depend on the serious connection and marketing).

Challenges and Opportunities

  1. One challenge about photography is that it requires proper and better equipment. Better equipment are expensive and when you hire them, profit can be less.
  2. One opportunity with Photography is that is high on demand. We belong to the Y generation with millennial. Everyone wants to capture the moment. From normal photography, to wedding, funeral, birthday parties. A photographer with proper Camera, cannot face competition in the market because, he or she will sail prevail over others.



  • Antony

    It’s good that your already doing the project which means that you have experience in the field. Working with others also gives you an opportunity to learn new skills from others that are experts and also to impart your knowledge to other. All in all this is a good project that can sustain you and others.

  • Billy

    It is a nice project. Hope you get to finish what you started and build your passion

  • vincent

    Hello Ogweno your project is very potential has it already started who will benefit in your project?

  • lenny

    I believe that this is a working idea or plan..when implemented accordingly is very potential in transforming

  • Ogweno

    Please help me see this project through.

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