My name is Jane and I would like to boost food security in the country

Budget Breakdown (approx)

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Problem Statement

We just got a call from a lady, she had lots of questions about our post-harvest/drying of our onion crop… For us, the process takes about a month but am shocked, there is this chemical that can dry your onion in a day!!! People grow your own food or get it from reliable sources. The government should regulate the agricultural industry

AITAP BUSINESS KENYA (Agricultural Industrial Technical Application Project) is working with the government of Kenya and county governments on the BIG 4 AGENDAs specifically on food security and manufacturing.
AITAP BUSINESS (K) join Kenyans people into groups of 10 to open a shop within Nairobi County on sells of agricultural organic food that has traceability to its origin pre- and post-harvest. It also gives free labour to all farm tenants contracted on the food production.

Currently, there are three major challenges that AITAP BUSINESS is facing which have called for funding from MavenCORE; –

i. Transport
AITAP needs funds for transportation of goods. Goods coming from the rural area in various counties need to be transported to the market. Current market is within Nairobi County and its environs sub-divided into four zones.

ii. Salaries
AITAP is requesting for funds to pay employees in terms of wages and salaries in various departments in the organization. Currently we have the accounts department, market department and sales department. We also have several subordinate staffs who also are entitled to salaries and wages.

iii. Capacity building
AITAP BUSINESS helps to realize two of the FOUR BIG AGENDAs namely manufacturing and food security.
For us to be successful in achieving the set goals, we have to;
– Train the employees and tenants
– Enhance team building activities
– Organizing for motivational activities.

AITAP Business creates impact for its members and advantages through
– Empowering young mothers and fathers
– Promote creation of Home Industries
– improved quality and quantity production
– Creation of health and wealth

Our AITAP project requires legal procedures such as;

– registration with KEBS,
– acquisition certificate of compliance with KEPSA & trade
– license for manufacturing and value addition

AITAP already has premises/offices – Githurai Kenya

AITAPs 5 major agricultural machines and equipment required;
– BVR kits
– Weighing machines – electronic and manual
– Sacks, crates and tomato-compatible wood boxes
– Overalls and gumboots
– Office landline phones
Apart from stock, the project requires to buy pickups, trucks.

The project requires hiring of permanent experts/professionals total to 366 persons at a cost of Kshs 4,674,000/- (6.48million pa) ref# attached below.

The project has been running/operating since 1st August 2018.


– Embakasi East, West, North South and Central
– Kamukunji, Starehe, Langata, Makadara
– DagoretiSouth, North, Kibraand Westland
– Roysambu(Host), Kasarani, Mathare, Ruaraka

AITAP Produce Areas of production
Kiambu County
Nyeri County
TransNzoia County
Muranga County
Makueni County
Bomet County
Kajiado county
Nyandarua county
Machakos County
Meru County
Among others…

Project Details

All Self Help Groups and Community Based Organizations are grown and turned into Profit Making ventures at minimal cost to members
Young mothers and young fathers from the groups working with AITAP are empowered through box content management training, employed within the food stores, and given a chance to grow their savings in a Sacco.

AITAP BUSINESS 5 major activities; –
– Creation of employment through transformation agendas
– Food production: – Q2 (quality and quantity)
– Food Value addition: -home-made industries
– Market: – marked traceable products
– Agri-tech Industry: – Available software and App on food supply chain

AITAP works with constituency offices to recruit members.

AITAP use food value chain cooperative model.

AITAP has different Kshs offerings namely; –
– Project fund contribution @ 120 per week (for 6 month)
– Shop subscription fee @ 100/- per month (for 6 month)
– Graduation and commission fee @ 1,000/- per unit
– Farm tenants fee @ 3,750/- (registration fee), @ 10,000/- (contract fee)
– 10 farm manufacturing/labor tenants @ 200 (nomination), @ 1,375 (registration)
– Board acceptance fee @ 5,000/-
AITAP generates revenue through the above offerings on retail unit shops profit

Cost Structure

Variables Cost Period
Office variables Construction – 630,000/- (including machines) 1 year
Human resource Wages and salaries – 6,949,000/- 1 year
Retail Unit shops 20 operating shops @ 600,000/- 3 months
Total labor – 30 manufacturing labor tenants – 300,000/-
– 3 extensional officers – 90,000/-
– 1 legal officer – 20,000/-
– 1 health officer – 10,000/-
– 1 security officer – 10,000/- Between 3 and 6 months

Note: Average estimate monthly profit of 10 million. Made from the 50 retail unit shops @ 7,693/- per day.



    Nice project food security is always key to any country. Keep it up

  • vincent

    This is awesome where can we get your shop so we can test your products here in nairobi.This is a good inventory.

  • Alice

    Congrats, this is quite visionary. I see you have said the project is operational, where can one find you to learn more

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