I’m Brenda from Nairobi. I’m a fashion enthusiast and entrepreneur.

Budget Breakdown (approx)

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Problem Statement

We all know that beauty industry is one of the fastest growing markets today.
I did a market research, I found out the colored hair sprays are in demand but currently
unavailable in our county .Therefore I contacted the CEO dawn industries and she was able
to get in touch with manufactures from Egypt with really good product.

They gave us a good deal in the first round but we couldn’t raise enough money to ship enough cartons that would have made good money if sold at any price. With the sample the company sent us; customers were willing to have it for any price.
These hairsprays can absolutely change lives of Kenyans not only by creating job opportunities for cosmetic dealers but also making their lives livelier.

The target market is both men and women. Teenagers can use them on any hair style including rastas, wigs and natural hair to change their hair color. As the spray is washable, bearing in mind cosmetic business pick fast, it took me the whole of last year visualizing on the best ways to make the dream a reality.
I don’t have to name all the billionaire cosmetics owned by a single business person. Including Kyle cosmetics that grew in two years and before she was 21 years she was already celebrating its fruits as a billionaire, Jojo the teenager who with the help of her mum is able to build a mega business which made her another billionaire, Jefree star and many other people are running to the beauty business.

I believe I’m the right person to introduce this amazing new idea if I get the resources needed. And that is because I am willing to steer the business wheel; go through any challenge to go places. Many people are engaged in cosmetics raging from skin care to hair. No one in the country is engaged in cored hair spray business which means if we were to make our first introduction in the market it would boom selling at any price. Take for instance the introduction of mobile phones and motor bike transport. The very first investors walked away with huge profits before others discovered the idea was profitable. This brilliant unique idea is going to be quite a success. With the high number of people starting salons & cosmetic shops there is a high number of potential customers

Photos About the Project
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Project Details

Young people are outgoing .They want to stand out on social media.

They buy unique products to decorate themselves. Women will be able to change their hair color to their preference .People with grey hair will use black spray. This product fit diverse customers, including men during festive season.

When we received a sample from the Egyptian company, we tested it on the CEO’s daughter. The teenager took these samples to a few of her friend and in no time they consumed them, spraying different patterns and colors on their heads. They looked beautiful as a rainbow

Value for customer

Jobs will be created for cosmetic shops and also I will ensure to satisfy consumer needs with quality services

Marketing plan

  • Through a simple advertisement on T V or Radio potential clients will be alerted on the availability of color spray
  • I will create a website for the launch, social media like instagram will be very useful for grow the business
  • Marketing team will sent out on a marketing mission
  • Through customer review I will be able to improve on the product


  • Within the first few months of its introduction I’m expecting to increase pricing especially when it sells fast
  • Expansion of the business will help increase revenues
  • Attainment of consumer loyalty through making their first purchase special. I will also set a day to celebrate color sprays
  • The packaging will be very attractive
  • Any unnecessary costs will be cut in every way possible like the shipping cost


it is the dream of every person to feel good and look good everyday. I came up with colored hairspray to make you feel good. It has been there but not in the Kenyan market so consumers have to ship it from abroad but if this project goes through, none of that will be a challenge.

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